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Finding Your Sound: Strategies For Developing A Unique And Memorable Style As A Producer

In today’s saturated music market, there’s only one way to stand out: you need to sound different from everyone else. You need to give your listeners a reason to listen to your productions instead of all the other music out there.

Many producers try to fast track their careers by blatantly copying other successful producers. While this may give you a brief viral moment — your proverbial “15 minutes of fame,” it’s not an effective way to build a thriving, long-lasting future in the industry.

You’ll never be as good as the original, and you should never settle for being the off-brand version of someone else. Instead, make your audience stand up, take notice, and exclaim, “I’ve never heard anything like that before.”

Best of all, once you find a formula that’s successful for you, you can apply it to future productions. You’ll want every new song you create to remind your audience of your old song.

The trick, however, is to strike the perfect balance of being completely the same and of being completely different each time you create a new production.

In this post, we’ll explore several ways you can find your own sound, as well as how you can apply this winning formula across all your productions.

Avoid Plugin Presets

There’s a perfect word to describe plug-in presets: generic. It doesn’t matter how awesome your celebrity-endorsed plugin’s celebrity-programmed presets are, they’ll sound exactly the same on your productions as on everybody else who uses the same preset.

Worse yet, the individual who programmed the preset hasn’t even heard your music. So, how are they supposed to know what settings will sound best for your productions?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an equalizer, a compressor, a modulation effect, reverb, delay, or something else entirely. Listen to your music, trust your ears, and create your own settings that work for yourmusic.

Even better, if you find settings that really work for your style of music, save them as a custom user preset. That way, you can use the same settings as a starting point for similar situations on future productions.

Once you really nail the settings on your plugins, you’ll have other producers wanting to steal yourpresets!

Stay Away from Stock Synth Patches

Stock synth patches are another cause of generic-sounding productions. After all, if everybody is using the same patches, on the same soft synths, in exactly the same way, then listeners are going to get really tired of hearing the same sounds over……………….

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