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James Navarro Releases SquareBeat For IPhone Users

James Navarro has released SquareBeat, an AUv3 and sample song making app, available as a FREE download with an optional in-purchase of $12.99 that enables save and export and channel creation.

SquareBeat is an iOS music sequencer. Compose, edit, add effects, and export your songs. SquareBeat lets you rapidly create songs with samples and AUv3 instruments. AUv3 effects can be added on a per-channels basis.

The most natural position to hold your phone in the vertical ‘portrait mode’, as they call it. Well, we already have a style of song editor that scrolls vertically, and it’s called a tracker.

SquareBeat was designed to be used with one hand. This is an app you can pull out of your pocket at the train station, add a couple drum hits to your new song, and put back in your pocket in moments. You never know where inspiration will strike. And when it does strike, you want to get your ideas down before you lose them. Trackers are known for their fast composition and fluid workflows. Stop pinching and zooming in a piano roll! It’s wasting precious time and wasting ideas!

Features include:

  • Sequence and manipulate audio samples.
  • Mix tracks.
  • Use AUv3 audio unit instruments.
  • Use AUv3 effects on effect busses.
  • Connect with other apps with Audiobus.
  • Export and share your song.

For more information and to download SquareBeat, click here:

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