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Lumbeat Updates IBassist With AUv3 And More

Lumbeat have updated iBassist which now includes AUv3 connectivity and more, currently available for $17.99.

What’s new in version 1.2:

  • AUv3 connectivity
  • Oscillator (STAND ALONE VERSION) introduces a new layer of sound synthesis.
  • Line Editor offers refined editing control over your bass lines.
  • Swing 8th and 16th bring rhythmic variations to your grooves.
  • Improved jam algorithms spark more spontaneous musical ideas.
  • New “Return to Original” option in the Progressions editor for swift reversion.
  • More little imrovements
  • Bug fixes

Discover iBassist: Your iPad’s versatile bass companion. Jam, compose, and groove effortlessly. Now with AUV3, improved algorithms, and intuitive editing!

Transform your iPad into a dynamic bass player with iBassist, your go-to music companion for jamming, composing, and groove creation. Now with AUv3 !

Interact seamlessly with lumbeat drum apps, taking your jam sessions to a higher echelon. With its MIDI progression chords feature, you can layer any synth or piano in the background, instantly setting up a full-band ambiance.

iBassist’s bass lines are degree-based, allowing the application of any chord progression to various bass grooves. It’s a prized tool for injecting diverse bass rhythms into your musical pieces. The jam tool provides musical variations, igniting fresh ideas along your creative journey.

Now, iBassist is enhanced with the ability to send varied chord figures, octaves, lengths, notes, and figures across two different MIDI channels. This feature facilitates the crafting of customized atmospheres with iOS synths/piano in the backdrop.

Utilize the Chord Progression editor for swift, intuitive creation or modification of your progressions through Key Notes, harmony by steps, midi detection, or randomization.

The app comes loaded with 10 Round Robin sampled natural bass sounds, offering a spectrum from Modern Finger Bass to the warm resonance of Double Bass.

Live Pads function empowers you with live session playing through 8 assignable pads for Line-Progression-Jam, switchable via MIDI.

Song Mode’s “Make Drums” option automates drum structure creation for your entire song, while the Export Midi function lets you generate MIDI Files with the Bass Line / Progression – Jam combination or whole song structures.

Indulge in the built-in effects like Compressor, Delay, Chorus, Reverb, and a Parametric EQ to refine your sound.

For more information on iBassist, click here:

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