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Mela 4 Updated With New Modules And More

Nikolozi Meladze has updated Mela 4 – AUv3: Synth, FX, MIDI with 2 new modules and more. Mela 4 is available for $29.99.

What’s new in version 4.6:

  • Clipper Module:
    • The Clipper module offers the following selection of clip distortion algorithms: Soft, Hard, Fold and Wrap.
    • Its Drive parameter sets the amount of gain applied to the input signal. The Volume module can be inserted pre and post Clipper to control the signal gain further.
  • Degrader Module:
    • The Degrader module distorts the signal by reducing its sample rate and bit depth.
    • Its Clock and Bits parameters control the sample rate and bit depth of the output signal.
    • The Mix parameter sets the effect dry/wet mix amount.
  • Rectifier Module:
    • The Rectifier module introduces asymmetric digital distortion to the signal.
    • The Rectify parameter sets the amount of asymmetry introduced to the negative portion of the signal.
    • At 50%, the effect is equivalent to half-wave and at 100%, full-wave rectification.
    • The DC Offset parameter sets the amount of DC offset added to the signal. This can be especially useful when a Rectifier module is followed by another non-linear processor.
  • Sinusoid Graphs:
    • All 3 modules have a graph that displays how a sinusoid with a unity amplitude would be transformed by its module given the parameters. Drag it horizontally or vertically to adjust the module parameters. Double-tap the graph to reset the parameters to their default values.
  • Other Changes:
    • Fixed the DC Blocker module’s graph view incorrectly showing twice the actual DC offset value.
    • Added presets showcasing new features.

Mela is a modular music-making tool that scales with your needs. With its intuitive interface, you can seamlessly build fully custom monophonic synthesisers, unique audio effects, and complex MIDI processors. Mela can run as a standalone app on iOS and macOS or as an AUv3 plugin inside your favourite DAW such as AUM, Drambo, Logic Pro and many more.

A Mela preset is made up of ordered modules arranged on lanes that process audio and MIDI signals. Each lane can receive and send signals to and from the host or other lanes using buses. The modulator modules can modulate any parameter of any module on any lane. The lanes and modules can be easily added, removed or rearranged making the preset as complex or as simple as desired. Mela comes with 38 modules, with new ones added with every update. The following are some examples from different categories.

  • MIDI processors: arpeggiator, chord, note echo, scale, strummer
  • Synth building blocks: virtual-analog oscillator, FM operator, noise, filter, amp envelope, distortion
  • Modulators: envelope follower, envelope generator, LFO, macro control, MIDI source, random
  • Audio effects: chorus, delay, flanger, phaser, compressor
  • Utility: level metering, MIDI logger, audio oscilloscope

Inside a host, Mela can be loaded as one of the following plug-in types: Instrument, Audio Effect or MIDI Processor. The only difference between them is the number of audio and MIDI inputs and outputs. Otherwise, the features are identical and a preset created in one type can be opened by another.

Mela’s capabilities continuously improve, evolve and expand based on its long-term vision and user feedback. Feel free to get in touch for anything Mela related.

For more information on Mela 4, click here:

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