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TONSTRUM Updates DopplerPRO And Discounted

TONSTRUM have updated DopplerPRO with new features and to celebrate, have reduced the price to $83.30, (usually $119.00). The offer ends October 24th.

What’s new in 1.10:

  • Air Delay Display – An innovative feature allowing you to visualize the silence caused by air delay in the Doppler effect, enhancing your control over the sound’s entry point.
  • Audio Gate Trigger – Introducing effortless control over when DopplerPRO starts and stops, responding dynamically to incoming audio for smooth operation.
  • Infinite Processing in One-Shot Mode – Continuous processing, beyond set durations.
  • Set Peak Time to Sample Peak – Align Doppler Peak with sample peak effortlessly.
  • Manual TC Synchronization – Precise sync with your DAW’s timecode values.
  •  …and More – Including adjustable gain for ground floor phasing, backward playback support, and overall dry/wet control.

Unleash the power of motion…

Upgrade your sound projects with DopplerPro’s advanced Doppler engine, redesigned for supreme accuracy and authentic sound reproduction. This tool provides professionals with precise control over the Doppler effect’s timing and speed parameters during both approach and away phases, delivering dynamic, depth-filled audio for compelling professional soundscapes.

DopplerPRO stands out with its innovative approach, providing users remarkable control over the precise doppler peak position while maintaining the path’s overall curvature and seamless speed transitions. This precision is achieved through calculating and re-scaling individual space dimensions for both the approach and away phases of the doppler path.

DopplerPRO’s flexible speed mode enables users to define precise start, center, and end speed values for the doppler path. This provides an unmatched level of control for sculpting the perfect speed ramp while the peak moment position and path shape remain unchanged.

DopplerPRO takes your audio to new heights with its advanced floor reflections feature. Seamlessly simulate the effect of sound waves bouncing off the floor, bringing an extraordinary level of realism to your projects.
Fine-tune object height, floor dampening, and listener height for an unparalleled and realistic audio experience.

With the ability to sync to the host’s tempo in BPM mode, musicians can easily adjust the duration of the doppler path to the beat of their composition. Additionally, the peak position can be quantized to the beat grid, providing precise control over the rhythmic placement of the doppler effect.

Watch the music production demo HERE.

Watch the sound design demo HERE.

DopplerPRO is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on DopplerPRO, click here:

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