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VSTBuzz Offer 75% Off The Nashville Toolkit By Ink Audio

VSTBuzz are offering 75% off Nashville Toolkit by Ink Audio for a limited time, now only €33.00, (usually €132.00.00). The offer ends October 24th.

Nashville Toolkit is a collection of instruments for Kontakt that brings Nashville’s personality to any production.

The Toolkit has fifty libraries with over 4,000 samples that include electric and acoustic stringed instruments, basses, drums and percussion, reeds, keyboards and background vocals.

It fits great with singer/songwriter, Americana, ambient, folk pop, country, indie and sync cues or anywhere you need a little Nashville in your sound.

The Nashville Toolkit instruments combine a simple, single screen interface with a generous selection of performance options that make them ideally suited for many music styles including:

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Americana
  • Ambient Music
  • Underscore

These are imperfect libraries with character being favored over flawlessness. There’s wonkiness, slide wiggle, feedback, vibrato, string buzz and variety in all these samples to let them stay human, organic and intimate.

For each instrument there are six controls to give some flexibility to tailor the sound to your needs without having to menu dive. The mod wheel is left to assign to whichever control you like. Bring a Nashville Studio with you wherever you go.

The included instruments:

  • 335 Feedback, 335 Trem Swell, 335
  • Accordion 1, Accordion 2
  • Acoustic Guitar Palm Mute, Acoustic Guitar Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
  • Banjo Palm Mute, Banjo
  • Baritone Palm Mute, Baritone Trem Swell, Baritone Vibe
  • Cajon, Drum Kit
  • Electric Banjo Palm Mute, Electric Banjo, Electric Guitar Percussion
  • Harmonica Hard Vib, Harmonica Soft Bib
  • Hollowbody, Lap Steel, Mando Palm Mute, Mando
  • Old Church Upright Piano Short, Old Church Upright Piano, Organ
  • P Bass, Pedal Steel, Resonator Slide, Resonator
  • Rhodes 73 Mk1, Shaker 1, Shaker 2, Slide 1, Slide 2, Tambo
  • Uke Palm Mute, Uke, Upright Bass Percussion, Upright Bass
  • Vox Mmh Short, Vox Mmh, Vox Oh Short, Vox Oh, Vox Ooh
  • Whistle, Wurli 200a

The Nashville Toolkit requires a full version of Kontakt 6 or later.

For more information on the Nashville Toolkit, click here:

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