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Scarbee have released the SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER, available at the intro price of £69.87 / $78.78, increasing to £87.56 / $98.72 after the promotion.

SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER represents the fifth evolution of SCARBEE’s electric bass VST plugins. We have every confidence that this instrument will help you to create expressive bass tracks that will raise the quality of your productions. This neo-retro finger-played bass is exceptionally versatile, offering a wide range of tones, from modern punch to gritty growl, expressive wah leads, and muted warmth.

The recording process of this instrument was meticulous and with custom-made convolution technology, we aimed not only to replicate the individual pickup tones but also to faithfully recreate the varying volume mix between the pickups.

Every detail mattered, so we recorded all 22 frets of each string on the bass and recorded two right-hand playing positions (and you can freely switch between them to create dynamic and timbral variation) – one positioned between the two pickups and the other over the bridge pickup. We also covered the B-string (the deepest on a 5-string bass), capturing notes from B0 to D#1.

SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER comes with 130 Snapshot presets, showcasing the immense versatility of this instrument and with up to 1885 different articulation variations per note, including normal playing with four muting levels, fret noises, pickup hits, claps, and other unique noises, you’ll find all the tools you need to craft realistic and expressive bass lines.

The bass used for recording is a solidly built instrument with 22 frets, boasting a versatile sound spectrum and an authentic vintage feel. Crafted from thermally treated Alder for the body and featuring a maple neck with a flat fretboard radius, it offers outstanding playability, making the recording process a breeze.

Equipped with a Delano single coil pickup at the bridge and a Delano split coil humbucker in the middle position, this bass delivers a wide range of classic bass sounds with unmistakable vintage nuances. From the transparent assertiveness of the single coil to the growling low-middle thrust of the split coil, this instrument covers it all. The substantial 9.5 mm steel poles of the ceramic pickups provide an ultra-fast transient attack, potent low-end response, detailed midrange, and brilliant high-end, resulting in a direct, no-nonsense bass tone, complemented by a gentle, natural compression that enhances every groove.

Thanks to its tight and expansive frequency range, these pickups are a great choice for both modern and classic funk and rock players. They excel with drop-tuned basses and offer ample room for tone customization, ensuring that even the lowest notes of drop-tuned basses remain tight, focused, and full of life.

When you first launch the plugin, you’ll encounter a pop-up window. As we’ve meticulously recorded various articulations with full attacks, it’s essential to apply a negative delay of 52 ms to ensure perfect synchronization of your bass line with the rest of your tracks. SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER is expertly optimized to deliver the most lifelike attacks, incorporating pre-tones, finger scrapes, phase-correction, and precise articulation timing.

While SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER is optimized for studio programming and may not offer ultra-short latency for live performance, we have exciting plans in the pipeline. In an upcoming update, we’ll introduce a ‘live’ version tailored for on-stage use and recording. This addition will provide the flexibility to switch between the ‘live’ and standard versions, allowing you to reap the cool benefits for both playback and editing.

Features include:

  • 130 Snapshot Presets
  • Up to 60 velocities per note
  • Both static and vibrating strings recorded
  • Automatic ‘Pretones’ – sound of finger pressing fret before note is played
  • 4 muting levels fully controllable via keyswitches
  • 2 types of muting: palm or left hand – or “dynamic foam”
  • Doubles: octave, fifth and fourth controllable via keyswitches
  • Up to 1885 different articulations variations per note (normal + 4 muting levels)
  • 2 Right-hand playing positions – freely switctable

SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER requires a free or full version of Kontakt 7 or later.

For more information on the SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER, click here:

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