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There’s 70% Off Hattricks By Diginoiz

Plugin Boutique are offering 70% off Hattricks by Diginoiz for a limited time, now only £14.95 / $18.13, (usually £49.96 / $60.57). The offers end October 29th.

Hattricks is a VST for Trap that you subconsciously know you need badly and you’ll realize it once you see how it works!

Tops of the charts these days are filled with music that is at least to some degree inspired by the sound of trap. To identify a tune as belonging to or deriving from the trap genre it needs to have at least one of three elements: 808 bass, 808 snare and fast hi-hat rolls. 808 bass is easy to lay down (especially when you have the Subdivine bass instrument), snares are easily placed on 2 and 4* and then… then you either add an audio hi-hat loop and can’t change its sound later, or if you have a reasonably fast hand and good midi controller you play a hi-hat pattern, but only a simple one, which may sound somewhat unexciting, or you step into that long, boring and laborious process of clicking in the individual sounds with your mouse, which has nothing to do with being in the flow.

Hattricks is a VST for trap hi-hats creation that makes the process smooth, easy and proficient. In technical terms, it is a sampler and a sequencer with rhythm divisions assigned to keys. In practice you just press a key and it plays a pre-programmed looped rhythm division, for example, you press D3 and it plays 1/4 notes,  E3 plays 1/8 notes and so on up to those 1/128 rolls that are on the brink of one’s perception. Of course, it has triplets too! All that lets you record those otherwise unplayable hi-hat parts in real-time, or if you’d rather programme them, getting a groove will only require a few clicks and not a hundred. Imagine how much of your time and creative energy it will save you!

If you decide that you want to change the sound after laying down the part you can choose a sample from Hattricks’ huge library, or drag a favourite sample of your own. If then you feel the need to refine it you can change its length, retune it, filter it with low pass and high pass filters and adjust its attack, decay and release times.

No VST for trap hi-hats would be comprehensive if it couldn’t let you retune selected parts of your sequence and let you make those characteristic tuned rolls. You can do it in two ways: by using a pitch wheel, or if you want some precise tuning by using a keyboard. The keys from C1 upwards would retune the sound’s pitch upwards in half steps when pressed, and consequently, the keys from C1 downwards would retune the sound’s pitch down in half steps.

But what if you loaded a snare sample into Hattricks? Then you would turn it into a VST for trap snare drum rolls! Then apart from the Divisions section, the Articulations section becomes handy, since it has pre-programmed drum rudiments such as flam, drag, ruff, buzz and roll coming in two speeds and allowing for nice and quick drum fills creation.

And what if you loaded a tonal sample into Hattricks?!? Well, then you would turn the plugin into a sort of VST for trap melodies with which you first make a rhythm sequence and then can play with the notes’ pitch.

And what will happen if you’ll load a kick sample into Hattricks?!?! In such circumstances you’ll enter a highway to hell by changing it from a VST for trap hi-hats into a VST for making heavy metal bass drum passages, but hey, isn’t that a bit over the edge?

Enjoy this plugin, you can use it for Trap, RNB, Pop, EDM, or for any genre you want, including Heavy Metal if that’s what you fancy!

Hattricks is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on the Hattricks and conpare prices , click here: 

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