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Arturia Release Efx MOTIONS

Arturia have release Efx MOTIONS, a plugin that combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools creating sonic excitement, available at the intro price of €79.00, increasing to €99.00 after the promotion. The offer ends November 9th.

Turn the simplest idea into music that evolves and captivates; bring boring, static stems to life with moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more; make mixes feel more spacious, responsive, and alive.

From melodics loop to your drum track, draw curves and envelopes to animate any sound, create automation and polymetric motion to change the feel of your music, and move from stutter to riser to mix widener in a few clicks.

Use movement to make different elements in your project interact and bounce off each other, making things sit better, evolve dynamically, or dramatically alter your sound.

Stack and weave multiple FX together, trigger beat repeats, and modulate parameters all at once; Efx MOTIONS is somewhere between a full FX chain and an instrument in itself.

At the center of Efx MOTIONS are its 5 main audio modules, each providing a different type of sound alteration. Toggle them on & off, switch up their order, and dig into unique parameters for each one for a near limitless range of motion-based processing. These modules include:

  • Filter
  • Noise
  • Drive
  • Volume
  • Pan

Chop, resample, and transform incoming audio into punchy rhythmic ideas, from subtle repeating fills to glitchy Aphex Twin-esque mayhem.

Efx MOTIONS’ Beat Repeater and FX module gives you 5 more ways to get creative with the movement of your tracks, plus 2 FX slots with 14 FX types for a sprinkle of sonic coloration.

Compound audio processing with 2 assignable macros and 3 modulation generators. Modulate internal controls, make sweeping changes to presets, and get ultra-creative with designing your own complex sounds.

Assign destinations to affect almost all parameters with the turn of a single control at the top of Efx MOTIONS’ interface.

Create custom functions, 16-step sequences, random generators, and envelope followers for complex compound motion effects that evolve into infinity.

Features include:

  • Effects plugin for stepped & movement-based audio processing
  • 5 audio processing modules with unique controls:
    • Noise
    • Distortion
    • Filter
    • Volume
    • Pan
  • Trigger: customize how each audio module is triggered
    • Envelope Sequencer
    • Euclidean
    • Clock
    • MIDI
    • Transient Detector
  • Motion editor: customize the movement of each audio module
    • Draw your own envelope shapes
    • Choose from envelope shape presets
  • Dynamics customizer
    • Envelope Follower with internal and external sidechain routing
    • Threshold, input volume, attack and release controls
  • 16-step Beat Repeater
  • 2 FX slots with 14 FX types
  • 2 assignable multi-destination Macro controls
  • Crossover module to define the frequency band to process
  • 3 multi-destination modulation generators
    • Choose from Step sequencer, function, random, and env follower
  • Preset library with 300+ presets
  • A/B comparison

Efx MOTIONS is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Efx MOTIONS and to compare prices, click here:

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