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Pfundstein Audio Plugins Release Virtual BassLine Buster Std8 Plus

Pfundstein Audio Plugins have released Virtual BassLine Buster Std8 plus, a virtual 8-string bass with octave strings, available at the intro price of €39.99, increasing to €49.99 after the promotion. Newsletter subscribers will receive an additional 20% off – check your inbox for the discount code.

Building upon the success of their first virtual 8-string bass, this new plugin boasts enhanced sampling, more velocity layers, better overall quality, and a refined GUI. The new “plus” version of the original custom bass represents a significant upgrade, featuring a stereo output to capture both pickup signals separately.

If you have never heard about 8-string basses with octave strings, you may wonder what this is all about. Just like 12-string guitars, it features pair of strings.

An 8-string bass produces a distinctive and dynamic sound profile. With its extended range, it offers deep, resonant lows akin to a traditional bass, while also delivering higher octaves with clarity and precision. This unique combination results in a full-bodied, harmonically rich tone that adds depth and complexity to any musical composition.

Without a doubt, such a foundational bass sound will make your audio production stand out from others.

Features include:

  • Unique 8-String octaved bass sound
  • Great sounding quality custom bass
  • Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning)
  • Highest tone: G4 (24th fret)
  • Velocity regulates power
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Easy humanization function for realistic-sounding playing
  • Multiple velocity groups and round robin mechanism under the hood
  • Key switches for advanced users
  • Finger style
  • Pick style (upstroke and downstroke)
  • Automatic alternate picking
  • Slapping
  • Tapping
  • Palm mute
  • Slides and bending
  • Hammer-on
  • Pull-off
  • Adjust attack and release behaviour via automation parameter
  • Various pickup options:
  • Humbucker & Single Coil by EMG
  • Bridge bass pickup
  • Neck guitar pickup
  • Unprocessed clean DI output
  • One processed amped output
  • High-resolution samples with lossless compression

Watch the demo HERE.

Virtual BassLine Buster Std8 plus is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Virtual BassLine Buster Std8 plus, click here:

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