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DHPlugins Release MOD-EQ-1

DHPlugins have released MOD-EQ-1, a 5-band EQ that’s like no other, available at the intro price of £29.00, increasing to £39.00 after the promotion.

From slow sweeps to fizzing chops the MOD-EQ-1 will shape your audio like no other EQ. Continuous movement across 5 bands of EQ controlled from either an LFO or an Envelope Follower will add flow, rhythm and character to any signal, from pads and strings to synth bass, drums, vocals, guitars… it works on everything.

The MOD-EQ-1’s simple and intuitive workflow you can instantly dial in subtle to extreme results or select from 350 diverse presets. A custom LFO shape designer allows you to create your own modulations to either sync to your DAW or run in free mode, allowing control of one LFO rate with the other LFO. On top of the 5 bands of EQ the All-Pass filter mode adds even further sound design potential creating sweeping phaser-like modulations and futuristic soundscapes.

The MOD-EQ-1 is a 5 band EQ unit full of surprises. The ability to modulate any of the EQ parameters including Frequency, Gain, Q Factor and even Band Mix with either of the two onboard LFO’s, or the Envelope Follower, allows for unparalleled sound shaping possibilities from an EQ Plug-In. With multiple controls over the LFO and Envelope the MOD-EQ-1 affords users maximum flexibility and creativity, and with a huge library of presets to choose from it couldn’t be simpler to inject some movement into your audio.

Featuring over 350 presets, neatly organised into beats, bars, envelopes and instruments, you can instantly find inspiring modulations to add subtle, extreme, and phasey movements to your audio. From 4-To-The-Floor to 8 Bar (or longer) sweeps, rhythmic syncopated chops to glitchy randomness, there is a world over creativity no other EQ can offer… right at your fingertips.

An easy to use LFO Shape designer allows users to create modulations as complex or as simple as they desire. With a library of 50 LFO Shape presets ready to load users can dive straight into finding interesting shapes and modulations. The LFO Shape preset manager allows you to save and load your own custom shapes to use wherever you need them. The LFOs can either be synced to your DAW or run free, with the added ability to modulate the rate of one LFO by the other, invert and smooth the modulation signal.

The onboard LFOs aren’t the only modulation source for the EQ – the Envelope Follower reacts to the audio input level and modulates the EQ parameters accordingly. With a Gain control to boost or attenuate the signal and a compressor to smooth out the dynamic range, as well as an Attack and release control, you have maximum control over Envelope Input. With a whole bank of Envelope Presets you can easily add character and movement to your audio source, whether it be staccato chords, vocals or pads.

Watch the overview video HERE.

MOD-EQ-1 is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on MOD-EQ-1, click here:

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