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WoodSynth Has Been Updated With MIDI V2 + More

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio have released an update to WoodSynth which includes a number of new features and fixes. WoodSynth is currently available to iOS users for only $15.99 and MacOS users for only $79.99.

Whats new in version 3.5:

Added MIDI V2 support

  • Uses the 16 bits velocity in received v2 note-on/off messages.
  • Uses the 32 bits values in received v2 CC, Aftertouch, Pressure and Pitch messages.
  • Uses the received new v2 “Per note pitch” messages (v1 MPE equivalent).
  • Uses the received new v2 RPN (Registered Per Note) 74 messages (MPE equivalent).
  • Uses the new v2 note-on attribute type 3 (Pitch 7.9).
  • Sends v2 messages (16 bits velocity, 32 bits control values) when Sequencer midi out or Touch bar midi out is on.
  • Responds to Midi V2 CI Discovery and Profile Inquiry messages.
  • Added Midi v2 button in Advanced to enable v2 or revert to midi v1.
  • Added Midi v2 group dropdown (All, 1..16).

Addition new features

Added (back) “Remove Preset” in presets menu.

  • Selected preset now shows checkmarks on all sub folders.
  • Added Undo & Redo (press Alt for Redo button in Classic view).
  • Added Compare A/B button (toggles between original preset and modified preset).
  • Added Octave Up/Down buttons to touch bar.
  • Midi out does not send any longer to its own (WoodSynth) destination.
  • Sequencer midi out now also sends : velocity in note-on messages with value set to the step volume. CC74 message with value of sequencer step param2. Mod wheel message with value of sequencer step param3. Pitch wheel message (Osc1 detune, Sequencer sub semitones, …). correct note values when using Variations, also with Var Glide on.

WoodSynth is a synthesizer with 4 independent layers. Each layer is in fact a synthesizer in its own.

Each layer has 3 VCO’s plus a samples or wavetable based source, coming from a file or from recording the audio track.

Up to 16 voices can be set per layer.

Layers can be used in parallel, assigned to a region of the keyboard or used in a sequential mode where the first note(s) on are played by layer 1 and the next note(s) by layer 2 and so on.

This last mode allows to have a different sound per note played (and independent from a keyboard region).

WoodSynth has a polyphonic pitch-bending touch bar which also displays notes received from a keyboard.

Each layer has its own filter and envelope with ADSR per voice, a pitch shifting envelope per VCO, a delay, a basic reverb, a modulator LFO per VCO, 2 general LFO’s and a 16 steps sequencer.

Key tracking can be applied on the ADSR attack and release, on the filter cutoff and on the VCO modulation.

The app can be used stand-alone (device audio input and output) or as a plugin in a DAW.

Features include:

  • AUv3 (iOS) (MacOS) AU, AAX, VST2, VST3 and stand-alone app.
  • Has 4 independent synthesizers, each with up to 16 voices.
  • Supports MPE.
  • Has a polyphonic touch bar with polyphonic pitch bending.
  • Velocity, channel pressure, (polyphonic) aftertouch, CC74 can be used to modulate several synth parameters.
  • VCO’s have the usual waveforms (sine, saw, square, triangle, pulse and noise) and can be modulated in various ways (FM, AM, Pulse Width, Slew rate)
  • Samples can be recorded from the audio input/track or loaded from file (sample files should be in the WoodSynth iCloud folder)
  • Wavetables can be loaded from file or converted from loaded or recorded samples.
  • Each voice has a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter with resonance and ADSR envelope.
  • An offset can be set in the Filter cutoff for the R channel to create a stereo effect.
  • Each voice has a pitch shifting ADSR envelope which can be independently enabled for each VCO.
  • Has Key tracking for VCO pan, Filter cutoff, ADSR Envelope Attack and Release.
  • Each layer has a delay unit (which can be separately panned) and a basic reverb.
  • Each layer has a 16 steps sequencer which can run on multiple voices (poly mode).
  • Each layer can set the midi channel and range of receiving midi notes (which allows for up to 4 split keyboard regions).
  • Layers can be set in sequential mode : first note(s) played on layer1, next note(s) on layer2, etc.
  • Layers have an additional high-pass filter saturation and crush control.
  • Synth audio and delay can be panned independently.
  • The 2 general LFO’s can have their source from the samples or wavetables (or track input).
  • Supports Ableton Link to sync tempo and start-stop.
  • Has 4 User Control rotaries which can be freely assigned.
  • The User Controls can be controlled by a midi CC which can be set or learned.
  • Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).

For more information on WoodSynth, click here:

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