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NoirSonance Release EQ6 (B) – A FREE Download

NoirSonance have released EQ6 (B), an EQ available as a FREE download, donations are welcomed.

With six same finely-tuned frequency bands at your disposal, you can effortlessly shape your audio to perfection. Whether you want to emphasize the deep bass grooves at 90Hz, add sparkle to your vocals at 10kHz, or anything in between, this plugin delivers with surgical precision and character.

But character isn’t just about EQ. It’s about depth and warmth. With built-in saturation and compression effects, the NoirSonance EQ6 (b) adds that elusive analog magic to your digital audio.

Making it punchier, warmer, and more immersive. The EQ6 (b) plugin allows you to do just that. Sculpt your audio easily, and hear the difference.

With dynamic control through its compressor, you can tame unruly peaks, add sustain to guitars, or make vocals sit perfectly in the mix. The NoirSonance EQ6 (b) plugin gives you the tools to master your audio’s dynamics, creating a polished, professional sound.

Under the hood is the same EQ6 processing engine but modified to give you a character.

With a classic low cut, you can get rid of unnecessary rumble and with the other 5 bands you can add power to them by boosting the range without getting them out of control

Compared to EQ6 (w), EQ6 (b) has a narrower bell for each band making it more aggressive.

What makes NoirSonance EQ6 (b) stand out:

  • Unique Character: Unlike its counterpart, EQ6 (b) offers a distinctive character that sets it apart. With six finely tuned frequency bands at your fingertips, you can effortlessly shape your audio with a personality that makes it truly exceptional.
  • Saturation and Compression: Experience the warmth and depth of your sound with built-in saturation and compression effects. These effects are specifically configured to enhance the selected frequency band, adding punch, warmth, and immersion to your digital audio.
  • Sculpt with Precision: The EQ6 (b) plugin is your sculpting canvas. It features a classic low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted rumble, while the remaining five bands allow you to boost power and presence without sacrificing control.
  • Narrower Bell Curves: In contrast to EQ6 (w), EQ6 (b) offers narrower bell curves for each band, infusing a more aggressive and focused character into your audio.

The EQ6 (B) is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information and to download the EQ6 (B), click here:

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