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Echo Collective Release Latch

Echo Collective have released Latch, a collection of latch click, slide and snap sounds, available for $25.00. Newsletter subscribers will receive a 30% discount – check your inbox.

Latch is a collection of a wide variety of beautifully performed and perfectly captured latches to serve all of your click, slide and snap tink pop foley sound needs.

These sounds will give quick and useful coverage to the common moves used in this style. The library is filled with a wide variety of pleasant clicks and slides designed to push all of your graphics along neatly and cleanly – all custom designed with playfulness and clean edges. To help cover repetitive elements, multiple iterations of each sound are included.

We covered big, small, metal, plastic and everything in between – all recorded with a Schoeps MS rig in our pristine recording booths.

Watch the demo HERE.

For more information on Latch, click here:

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