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It’s All Noise Release Ultimate Cello Textures Harmonics Pad

It’s All Noise have released Ultimate Cello Textures Harmonics Pad, It’s All Noise’s first library for Kontakt Player, available at the intronprice of £28.00, increasing to £35.00 after the promotion. Newsletter subscribers will receive an additional discount – check your inbox.

Ultimate Cello Textures Harmonics Pad is an ethereal sound design instrument, UC Textures – Harmonics Pad is made to construct glistening pads out of samples of cello harmonics.

In February 2021 I.A.N decided to undertake the most detailed sampling of cello harmonics that may have ever been attempted.

The 15 hours of recordings that were made took months to edit, and even longer to reach a final product as I.A.N took time to make other Kontakt libraries along the way.

Those samples are now part of the library “Ultimate Cello Volume 1 – Harmonics” and a selection of those samples has been repurposed for this first installment of the Textures series and the first Kontakt player instrument from It’s All Noise.

What’s included:

  • 1.26GB of samples (compressed size)
  • 792 samples
  • 11 Snapshots

For more information on Ultimate Cello Textures Harmonics Pad, click here:

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