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Igor Vasiliev Has Updated NoInputMixer

Igor Vasiliev has updated NoInputMixer, an experimental technique to create a wide range of otherworldly electronic sounds, curremtly available for $15.99.

What’s new in version 1.1:

  • Added a lot of new presets.
  • Added option to copy channel parameters between presets.
  • Added options to randomize the parameters of one or all channels.
  • Added options to randomly adjustment the parameters of one or all channels.
  • Some options on the main screen are placed in the pop-up menu on the “More” button.
  • All knobs and faders can be controlled via MIDI.
  • The list of MIDI controls is divided on channels for more convenience.
  • Added direct mode of MIDI controls for setting values from another app.
  • To the titles which also switch sections, added the special marker.
  • The description has been updated with sections with new features.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.

No-Input Mixing works by feeding the mixer output back to the input, thereby making a feedback loop. This application models an analog mixing console and effects rack in detail, providing the ability to make a huge number of feedback configurations with additional effects.

By using this technique in the creative process, the sound designer can explore many different and special ways to create sound. Unsettling soundscapes perfect for sci-fi, dystopian and horror projects, like strange noises, disrupted signals, broken communication, buzzing drones, faulty machinery, futuristic tech sounds, and glitchy elements are some results of the No-Input Mixing technique.

The downside of this technique, which can scare off beginners, is extreme unpredictability and instability, when the movement of any knob on the mixer can dramatically change the sound in the most unexpected way. But at the same time, this discover an endless space of experimentation and inspiration when creating new and unique sounds or live performance.

NoInputMixer consists of a seven-channel mixer and an effects rack with eight slots. Each effect slot can be configured as an insert effect for a mixer channel or used with two send/return buses. Effects has an option for hi-res or lo-fi sound processing. Each mixer channel has its own algorithmic generator of different types of noise, which can be added to the feedback signal or used separately. The input selector switches between multiple points in the signal path to make different types of feedback loops or can be switched to an external input for any channel to use it as an effect processor.

Also this application provides several additional options not found in usual mixers, such as preamp tube type and mode selection, op-amp type selection, adjustment of overload protection circuit, and other features that greatly expand the possibilities for experimenting with sound. The user interface can be presented in the form of a classic mixer, or in the form of complete control of a single channel.

Watch Doug’s overview HERE.

NoInputMixer is available to iOS and MacOS users with AUv3 support.

For more information on NoInputMixer, click here:

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