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A Whopping 80% Off The SSL Fusion Stereo Image

Plugin Boutique are offering 80% off the SSL Fusion Stereo Image for a limited time, now only £28.99 / $35.19, (usually £199.00 / $241.54). The offer ends November 1st.

The SSL Fusion Stereo Image plug-in is modelled on the mid-side processing circuit from the SSL Fusion stereo outboard hardware processor.

This true-analogue circuit utilises a technique that separates a stereo signal into two channels: a sum (L+R) for the sounds in the center (M) and a difference signal (L-R) for the sounds on the left and right (S) allowing you to narrow or widen the stereo image using the WIDTH control. The SPACE circuit is a frequency-dependent width control based on the concept of Stereo Shuffling, allowing you to inject interesting depth effects into your mix. Now in your DAW!

SSL Fusion Stereo Image exposes a brand new SHUFFLE control for changing the frequency cut-off in the SPACE circuit, exposes insight into the stereo field of the signal using the built-in polar sample vectorscope, and lets you easily audition the stereo field of the signal using the SOLO SIDE feature – combine this with the SSL Plug-in Engine A/B-ing feature to hear just what a difference SSL Fusion Stereo Image can make to your mixes.

Features include:

  • Modelled on the SSL Fusion Stereo Image processor.
  • Based on a concept that has roots in EMI engineer Alan Blumlein’s invention of modern stereo in 1931: Stereo Shuffling.
  • WIDTH control lets you increase the level of the side signal to narrow or widen the stereo image.
  • SPACE control allows you to experiment with a broad bass-frequency boost or cut in the side signal.
  • SHUFFLE parameter allows additional tweaking to the frequency cut-off in the SPACE circuit.
  • Visualise the stereo image of the signal using the polar sample plot vectorscope.
  • Use SOLO SIDE to easily audition the stereo component of the signal.
  • Easily drop the input and output meters into mid-side side mode using the ‘M/S’ toggles.
  • Built on the SSL Plug-in Engine.
  • Exceptional DSP design with reference to the original analogue circuit designs.
  • Modelled using a combination of real-life measurements, analogue circuit designs, and close collaboration with the original analogue designers of the SSL FUSION hardware.
  • SSL’s cross-platform preset management and A/B-ing system.
  • Built-in UNDO/REDO support.
  • Comes loaded with presets from world-class producers and engineers, including: Adrian Hall, Alan Moulder, Caesar Edmunds, Charlie Holmes, Michael Brauer, Romesh Dodangoda and Sean Divine.

SSL Fusion Stereo Image is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3,, AU and AXX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on the SSL Fusion Stereo Image, click here: 

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