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Denis Safiullin Releases ChordBank – A FREE Download

Denis Safiullin has releases ChordBank, a MIDI chord generator, available as a FREE download.

Welcome to ChordBank, your gateway to boundless musical creativity. ChordBank is an AUv3 MIDI plugin that takes a single MIDI note and transforms it into a mesmerizing array of harmonious chords, offering an infinite realm of possibilities for generative music composition.

Features include:

  • Chord Generation Mastery: Instantly convert a single MIDI note into a rich tapestry of harmonically intricate chords, exploring scales and tonalities effortlessly.
  • Automation at Your Fingertips: Every parameter within ChordBank is automation-ready, granting you meticulous control over your compositions.
  • Generative Magic: Witness your musical ideas evolve and expand organically, giving birth to fresh and captivating compositions with minimal effort.
  • Scale Selection Flexibility: Choose from a diverse array of scales, modes, and tonalities to craft the perfect musical atmosphere.
  • Real-Time Precision: Fine-tune your chord progressions and melodies on the fly, ensuring each note aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • AUv3 Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate ChordBank into your preferred iOS DAWs, offering complete creative control.

With ChordBank, you possess the ultimate tool to compose generative music that reflects your unique artistic vision. Whether you’re a composer, producer, or performer, our plugin empowers you to craft musical journeys that captivate and inspire.

Unleash your musical imagination. Download ChordBank now and embark on an endless voyage of generative music composition!

Check out Doug’s overview HERE.

For more information on ChordBank, click here:

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