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HoRNet Plugins Release HoRNet 80Verb

HoRNet plugins have released HoRNet 80Verb, a lush sounding reverb, available for €16.99.

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey through time with the HoRNet 80Verb – your passport to the lush and iconic reverberations of the ’80s. In this digital era, we’ve meticulously recreated the magic of classic digital reverb effects, so you can infuse your music with that unmistakable vintage vibe.

HoRNet 80Verb is more than just a reverb plugin; it’s a time machine for your sound. By employing faithful algorithms and emulating the AD/DA converter with adjustable sample rate and bit depth, we’ve ensured that you experience the authentic essence of classic digital reverbs. This is where your journey begins.

With HoRNet 80Verb, you have the freedom to experiment with all the classic reverb parameters that graced the early digital reverb units. Tailor your reverb with precision: set the pre-delay for that perfect onset of reverberation, shape the reverb’s length according to your vision, and delve into an extensive filtering section to sculpt the reverb’s tail exactly as you desire.

But that’s not all; HoRNet Plugins have enriched HoRNet 80Verb with modern features that take your creativity to the next level. Choose your sample rate and bit depth to define your unique sound. Craft the incoming audio signal with input filters, and enhance analog reconstruction accuracy with oversampling. Control the reverb quality and density, and dive into the finest details of your tone.

Navigating through complex menus and searching for hidden settings is a thing of the past. HoRNet 80Verb offers straightforward access to every parameter through intuitive sliders and buttons on a user-friendly interface. No matter where you position the sliders, you’ll discover usable reverbs that sound sublime.

Found the perfect reverb sound? Save it effortlessly with the internal preset manager, so you can instantly recapture that magical feeling whenever you wish.

Short on time? HoRNet 80Verb provides a treasure trove of ready-to-use presets that you can easily customize. These presets offer a head start for your creativity or a quick solution when you’re in the zone.

The HoRNet 80Verb is your time-travel ticket to the golden era of ’80s reverberation. Embrace the vintage resonance, and let your music shine with the essence of a bygone era. Elevate your sound, inspire your creativity, and bring your music to life with HoRNet 80Verb.

Reimagine the sound of the ’80s with HoRNet 80Verb – the ultimate vintage algorithmic reverb plugin. Your music deserves the magic of HoRNet 80Verb. Are you ready to make your sound iconic?

Features include:

  • Vintage inspired reverb algorithm
  • Sample rate and bit depth selectable for AD/DA emulation
  • Quality control that changes the character of the reverb
  • High pass and low pass input filters
  • Pre-delay up to 400ms
  • Reverb length up to 10 seconds
  • Density control to adjust the mount of reflection diffusion
  • High pass and low pass filters for the reverb reflections
  • Dry/wet and bypass controls
  • Up to 4x oversampling
  • Light and Dark mode UI supported
  • Vector user interface which is sharp on every resolution

HoRNet 80Verb is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on HoRNet 80Verb, click here:

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