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Tone Projects Release Michelangelo

Tone Projects have released Michelangelo, a tube stereo EQ, available at the intro price if $169.00, increasing to $249.00 after the promotion. Owners of Basslane Pro, Kelvin or Unisum will receive an additional discount – check your inbox.

Michelangelo is an all-tube stereo EQ and harmonics generator designed and handbuilt by Chris Henderson from Hendyamps. Admired for its raw sonic beauty and inspiring ease of use, it ranks among the most remarkable EQ’s available today.

Built in close collaboration with Hendyamps, the officially endorsed Michelangelo plugin carries the same signature sound and intuitive “right-brained” workflow, but goes far beyond the capabilities of the hardware. You get instant tube vibe and effortless tone sculpting combined with precise band control, musical dynamic EQ with transient/body separation, sound stage enhancements, and deep customization of the tube circuitry – all with the Michelangelo sound.

With the Michelangelo plugin, the hardware is just the starting point. Take full control of each band by tuning frequency, mid/side panning, tube drive and more. With the addition of HP/LP filters and extra parametric bands inside the tube EQ circuit, the plugin greatly improves versatility and allows for precision beyond the typical abilities of a color EQ. Combined with modern features like auto-gain, band soloing, and gain scaling you get a uniquely creative workflow right in the sweet spot between analog and digital qualities.

Michelangelo features per band transient/body separation allowing you to shift EQ moves between transient and sustained parts of the signal. This is a powerful feature for both targeted EQ and creative enhancements. Add presence and sparkle without harsh transients by shifting high boosts away from transients. Add punch by boosting transients only or remove mud from sustained parts without losing impact. With musical non-FFT based processing this feature can be used in countless ways, all without warbly artifacts.

Michelangelo includes a carefully tuned compressor/expander with musical detection and smooth nonlinear curves. You can use this with any of the Michelangelo bands for adaptive dynamic EQ’ing with above/below threshold and fully adjustable attack/release. You can also use it across all bands to turn Michelangelo into a full blown multi-band dynamics processor adding tube flavored movement and energy.

The Aggression and Calibration controls provide ample range for both refined mastering touches and mojo-soaked drive. In addition, the plugin offers even deeper control to fine-tune its character and to explore entirely new sonic colors. Adjust the natural compression occurring in the tube circuit. Blend a lush hardware matched triode with a new punchy pentode tube topology. Dial in channel spread and crosstalk for a perfect fit between pure digital and an authentic analog sound stage.

Features include:

  • Faithful emulation of the coveted all-tube Hendyamps Michelangelo EQ
  • Built in close collaboration with hardware designer Chris Henderson from Hendyamps
  • 4 highly interactive bands (Low, Mid, High, Air) offering colorful broad-strokes EQ and harmonics generation
  • 2 extra bands switchable between narrow/wide bell, low/high shelf for precise EQ tasks
  • Per band Transient/Body Mix to focus EQ on transient vs sustained parts of the signal
  • Per band Mid/Side Mix to focus EQ on mid vs side information
  • Per band analog-style RMS based dynamic EQ with above/below threshold and adjustable Attack/Release
  • Per band tube Drive control for frequency specific saturation independent of band gain
  • Detailed model of tube stages, their dynamics and interaction with EQ bands
  • Aggression and Calibration controls for sonically different ways to gain stage the tube circuitry
  • Unique control over the natural compression effect occurring in the tube circuitry
  • Tube blend between the hardware matched triode and a new custom pentode configuration
  • Lowpass and highpass filtering with 6/12/18 dB/octave slope or with a gentle shelf
  • Transformer emulation for subtle enhancement of low-end articulation
  • Adjustable crosstalk and channel tolerance for a clean or authentic analog sound stage
  • Fixed band frequencies for a fast workflow but freely adjustable when needed
  • Auto-Gain using either real-time or measurement based loudness compensation
  • EQ Gain Scale control for easy adjustment of overall EQ gain
  • 4 quality modes ranging from Low Latency to Pristine linear phase oversampling, with option to always use highest quality for offline rendering
  • Undo, Redo, and A/B preset switching
  • Integrated reference level system to automatically adjust input level to match loaded presets
  • Presets by experienced artists and engineers
  • Native support for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors

Watch the intro video HERE.

Michelangelo is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Michelangelo, click here:

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