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Updated: Loopy Pro By A Tasty Pixel

A Tasty Pixel have updated Loopy Pro with a number of additions, improvements and bug fixes. Loopy Pro is still available as a FREE download with the availability of an optional in-app purchase which unlocks the pro features.

What’s new in version 1.1.8:

  • Added some measures to avoid conflicting workspace accesses when using “Load Project” action
  • Added “Previous” options for “Load Project”
  • Better Zoom/FaceTime/etc compatibility: Enter playback-only mode when microphone in use by video conferencing
  • Don’t disable fade-out if also playing outro
  • Improved recursion detection for actions system
  • Improved slider interaction
  • Revised canvas element selection appearance
  • When starting loop record with clock paused and clock count-in enabled, do count-in first
  • Fixed an issue where sequencer could behave strangely immediately after “Load Project” action, if timeline loop present
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect sequence playback after tempo change
  • Fixed extended mixer in landscape on iPhone
  • Fixed issue where intro didn’t play (or created a buzz) when starting sequencer from a “Load Project” action
  • Fixed issue where undo/redo could be broken when cancelling recording by clearing a clip
  • Fixed issue with sequence playback immediately following “Load Project” action
  • Fixed missing “Play” follow actions for playing tracks on project load with “Load Project” action
  • Fixed numeric input in regions that use “,” or other characters for decimal separator
  • Fixed silent first loop when recorded with retrospective recording and loop audio threshold recording on
  • Fixed occasional project load issues (including time-stretching weirdness)
  • Fixed some crashes

Loopy Pro is a live-looper. And a sampler. And a sequencer. And a very capable AUv3 Audio Unit host. And a DAW. And an AUv3 Audio Unit.

You get the idea. Loopy Pro is deep. But it’s also designed to be friendly, and a great deal of fun.

You can set up Loopy Pro to work however you do, with features like hands-free looping with count-in, count-out and automatic loop detection; or “free” looping, where you can choose on-the-fly how long to make loops. There’s even retrospective recording, where you can lock in a loop after the fact.

There’s extensive MIDI controller support, including built-in support for the Launchpad, the APC40 mk2 and the MIDI Fighter Twister, and effortless MIDI Learn for setting up your controllers.

You can also drag-and-drop audio straight onto loops in Loopy Pro, with sophisticated tempo and pitch adjustments, and use Loopy Pro as a clip launcher, with all kinds of options for song sectioning.

The built-in mixer lets you set up insert and send effects for every channel in your project, and load AUv3 Audio Unit instruments, effects, and MIDI sequencers.

And there’s a built-in sequencer, for arranging songs, and even performing them live, totally automated and hands-free.

For more information on Loopy Pro, click here:

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