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BOOM Library Release MATTER

BOOM Library have released MATTER, a cutting-edge sound FX library, available at the intro price of £85.00, increasing to £115.00 after the promotion.

MATTER is both a cutting-edge, futuristic sound effects collection of ready-to-use sounds and a source of original effects for science fiction sound design mayhem. From strange alien ambiences and bio tech spheres to laser bursts and punchy explosions, this collection is full of science fiction sound effects for film, games, and more. 

MATTER was designed to provide extraordinarily high quality in sound source selection and processing. Each sound was painstakingly developed and approved by a team of highly critical sound designers. The result is a collection of polished sounds that speaks for itself.

MATTER includes designed sounds deriving from preprocessed organic recordings, crafted to give you greater flexibility in how you use the collection. Though most of our packs are split into Construction Kit and Designed, MATTER lies somewhere in-between. It’s a science fiction toolset for quick and efficient sound creation and application.

For cutting-edge trailer sound design and futuristic sound effects, MATTER is your secret weapon. These colossal explosions, heart-thudding impacts, out-of-this-world movement noises and whooshes will undoubtedly give your project a feel for the future. These sounds are treated to be easily drag-and-dropped into your project, ready to engage.

MATTER takes the world around us and warps it full speed into future dystopian worlds. It includes real world ambiences mangled through processing chains, single hits and impacts of diverse materials, voices, devices, and machinery.

MATTER bridges the gap between our traditional Construction Kits and Design approach. On the one hand, it serves to enhance and diversify your sound compositions, while on the other leaving ample room for tweaking to suit your own needs. MATTER’s futuristic sound effects are potent and packed with wall-shaking bass and crisp texture morphing sound, sure to inject your graphics with fresh vitality and a distinctively sci-fi vibe. 

BOOM Library sound FX come as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type.

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