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Modalics Release MINDst

Modalics have released MINDst, a plugin that does acoustic drums in a very realistic way, available at the intro price of $99.00, increasing to $149.00 after the promotion.

MINDst Drums is Modalics’ ultimate vision for a sampled drum kit, a masterfully tuned instrument, played by a consummate professional, thoroughly sampled and played using our proprietary MINDst.

The secret to MINDst’s unique feel lies with an amazing musician, a friend and long-time musical collaborator Doron Giat – Modalics explored the nuanced world of micro-details that create a truly heartfelt, groove-filled drum performance.

Modalics then used extensive sampling and algorithm design to recreate the emotion and depth that Doron puts into every drum and cymbal hit.

Modalics sampled Doron’s one of a kind DW custom kit, paired with cymbals of his own design. This hand picked, carefully curated sonic palette is the result of decades of experience.

Modalics set out to ensure they sample a remarkable kit that is just made to make your tracks shine, and captured it with unmatched attention to detail.

This kit was selected due to it’s versatility, tight sound and harmonious resonance. 

MINDst Drums also comes with a robust drum mixer, designed to deliver quick and precise results with a smooth user experience. From controlling mic balance to applying processing we made sure everything is right in front of you.

With ~ 50,000 samples, Modalics made sure you are always moved by MINDst’s performance, even when listening to the same loop for a long time.

In order to deliver the immense depth of our sample base with minimal size and loading times, we developed an entirely new audio codec called MLAC, specifically tailored to load mass amounts of samples quickly and efficiently. Ensuring quick startup times, low HD signature and minimal hassle to download.

The sample base can easily be downloaded from within the plugin.

MINDst is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 AU and AAX).

For more information on MINDst, click here:

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