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Phil Speiser’s THE_BUILD Is FREE For A Limited Time

Phil Speiser is offering THE_BUILD as a FREE download for a limited time, (value $79.00). The offer ends November 23rd.

Making a drop or chorus stand out is all about the tension.

Usually, in music production, you either reuse the same buildup loops over and over, or you start from zero – searching for the right samples, combining various plugins, layering samples, arranging them meticulously, processing each layer, creating risers with a synth, applying intricate filtering, editing every tiny detail, and juggling multiple plugins yourself.

THE_BUILD simplifies this process. Now, you can quickly choose a ready-made buildup or create your own unique one with just a few clicks.

With THE_BUILD, crafting amazing build-ups, no matter how complex, is easier than ever before.

THE_BUILD offers an intuitive sequencer, a vast sound library,  sound generators, and specialized effects. With unseen features like reverse reverb generation and key matching, crafting professional buildups is just a few clicks away.

THE_BUILD lets you channel your creativity into crafting buildups that elevate your tracks, all without the technical hassle. It’s designed for you to focus on the art, not the process, blending intuitive workflow with outstanding sound quality for effortlessly impressive results.

Features include:

  • Sequencer Optimized for Buildups and Fill-Ins: Create complex patterns with just a few clicks.
  • Extensive Sound and Rhythm Pattern Library: Access a wide range of sounds and rhythms tailored for buildups.
  • 2-Osc Riser Synthesizer: Fully customizable for creating unique riser effects.
  • Noise Synthesizer: Add a rising white noise instantly.
  • Custom Reverb for Buildups and Fill-Ins: Enhance your tracks with reverb specifically designed for buildups.
  • Filter Automation with a Click: Easily automate filters to add movement to your buildups.
  • Reverse Reverb Generator: Add a unique twist to your buildups with reverse reverb effects.
  • Key Selector: Ensure your buildups always match the key of your song for seamless integration.

THE_BUILD is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information and to download THE_BUILD, click here:

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