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Matteo Caldari Price Drops SAND For A Limited Time

Matteo Caldari has reduced the price of SAND for a limited time, now only $5.99, (usually $9.99). The offer ends November 27th.

SAND is a powerful grid-based sequencer that allows you to create music using your plugins and external MIDI devices. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, it provides an efficient and effortless way to produce music.

Please note: SAND does not generate sound on its own, instead it relies on plugins that you can find on the AppStore. This allows you to unlock a vast array of available sound libraries and creative tools to shape and enhance your music.

Grid Sequencer

  • Easily arrange your MIDI clips on the grid to create your compositions.
  • Manipulate your clips effortlessly through copy, duplicate, merge, combine, and drag-and-drop functions.
  • Access quick tools, such as quantize, clip length adjustment, legato, and transpose, with a long press on the clip.


  • Add one instrument and unlimited audio and MIDI effects to each track.
  • Save and reuse tracks as templates for future projects, streamlining your workflow.

Clip editor

  • The clip editor provides an easy-to-use interface for editing notes.
  • Utilize tools such as quantizing, legato, copy and paste to refine your compositions.
  • Change the position, pitch, duration, and velocity of individual notes. Align notes to the adjustable grid or move them freely for complete creative freedom.

Song mode

  • Arrange your clips in sections. Every section has its own length, and will be played back seamlessly in succession.
  • Sections also double as “scene launcher”: tap on a section name to launch all the clips it contains

Plugin host

  • SAND acts as a host for your favorite AUv3 plugins, including instruments, audio effects, and MIDI processors.
  • Take control of their parameters and presets to shape your sound.
  • Create default states for plugins to ensure that new instances start with your desired settings.
  • Record notes and MIDI directly from the plugin’s user interface.
  • Capture output from MIDI plugins for more dynamic compositions.

MIDI routing

  • Connect and record notes from any external MIDI device, allowing you to incorporate your hardware synthesizers seamlessly.
  • Send MIDI to your synths for real-time playback.
  • Route MIDI from one track to another, ensuring the smooth flow of musical ideas.
  • Utilize SAND as a virtual MIDI input and output, expanding your MIDI capabilities.

MIDI mapping

  • Customize your MIDI controller surface to fully control the app.
  • Connect and map your MIDI surface to SAND for a personalized and efficient workflow.
  • Mapping is flexible and can be tailored to suit your preferences.
  • By utilizing buttons mapped as “shift” keys, you can further expand the control capabilities of your MIDI device.


  • Sync SAND with other music production apps and DAWs using Ableton Link.
  • Stay in perfect harmony with your favorite music-making tools.

On-screen keyboard

  • Record notes using the velocity-sensitive on-screen keyboard.
  • The lower keys generate higher velocities, while the upper keys result in lower velocities.
  • Choose a scale and root note to display only the keys that belong to that scale.
  • Customize the number of visible keys to match your playing style.

Import / export

  • Export your clips as audio or MIDI files for further editing or sharing with collaborators.
  • Export your project as an Ableton Set for easy integration into your DAW.
  • Capture your performances and export them as audio files with separate stems for individual processing.

Recording options

  • Choose to start recording with a count-in or begin immediately with the first note.
  • Quantize your recordings for precise timing and alignment.


  • Open your projects or create a new one right from your home screen.

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