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SoundMorph’s Wave Warper 2 Is Half Price!!

Plugin Boutique are offering Wave Warper 2 for half price a limited time, now only £59.95 / $74.90, (usually £118.96 / $148.62). The offer ends November 26th.

Wave Warper 2 – More Warped. More Wicked. More Incredible. Your Sound-Morphed.

World-class sound control. After years of careful development and conceptual reconstruction at SoundMorph’s remote labs, the team morphed their original revolutionary whoosh software into a new dimension: directly to your DAW as a plugin.

With Wave Warper 2 you can now access groundbreaking new whoosh and movement algorithms, a cutting-edge granular engine, a new sequencer and bussing system and several specialized features that will weave their way into your sonic palette. A dream come true for Dynamic Sound Creation.

WaveWarper 2’s portal to an expanse of sound integrates easily within the DAW of your choice now. Compatibility offers sound designers and musicians a fresh and intuitive GUI layout dialed for quick and easy access to an array of advanced sound controls optimized for sculpting, exploring and evolving recordings to new horizons of sound.

Utilizing concepts from the original WaveWarper software, with WaveWarper 2, users now have access to 8 fully equipped sound emitter slots that can be shaped extensively using the XY pad’s advanced movement algorithms, and in-depth step sequencer, various MIDI information, Soundmorph’s new internal bus routing system, a morphable wave and noise synthesizer and a completely wicked granular engine; all of which are connected to a complex network of internal modulation options. Whether you are designing whoosh and pass-by sounds for the next big Sci-Fi hit, or you are seeking to add movement and texture to a sample in a song, or you need to make eerie spirits for a horror series, with WaveWarper 2 you will find the sonic results to give momentum to any story. The possibilities are quite limitless.

Features include:

  • Apple Silicon Support/Compatibility (M1, M2)
  •  Current Version: 1.0.1
  •  Presets by Yan David
  •  Presets by Ivo Ivanov
  •  Presets by Thibault Csukonyi & Vincent Fliniaux (Bruits.Studio)
  •  Presets by Andrew Pals
  •  Granular Synthesis
  •  1.5 GB Sample Library Included
  •  85 presets Included
  •  8 Triggerable Sound Emitters
  •  XY Pad Control With Real-Time Mapping
  •  Randomizable Sample Folder Allocation. Ideal for creating new sonic structures.
  •  WaveTable & Noise Synthesis
  •  3 Triggering Methods: LOOP, MIDI, SEQUENCER
  •  2 Sound Emitter PLAYMODES: “On”  for free playback / “On When Playing” to  connect Wave Warper 2’s playback to your  DAW’s play button.
  •  Reverb Effect
  •  Binaural Audio Panning
  •  Envelope Followers
  •  Save & Recall Presets
  •  Import Your Own Sounds
  •  5 Modulation Types On Parameters
  •  Envelope Follower Busses
  •  LFO

Wave Warper 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Wave Warper 2, click here: 

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