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Tokyo Dawn Labs Release TDR Special Filters Series & TDR Prism (FREE)

Tokyo Dawn Labs have released the TDR Special Filters Series and TDR Prism. The TDR Special Filter Series is available at the 40% off intro price of €48.00. The plugins are also available individually. The offer ends November 27th. TDR Prism is a available as a FREE download.

TDR Special Filters Series

TDR Infrasonic offers precise control over the near-inaudible lowest frequency regions of a mix. It consists of a continuously variable slope filter, min and mixed phase modes, and mix control. It also includes a dynamic bump and a set of harmonic exciters meant to compensate for the perceived energy loss introduced by the filtering.

TDR Elliptical is a modern, state-of-the art elliptical equalizer. It’s an ideal choice whenever low frequency stereo positional information requires control. A continuously variable slope filter with min and linear phase modes, and mix option offer all necessary technical control. Advanced perceptual filtering and mono-summing compensation tricks help preserve the musical impact from input to output.

TDR Ultrasonic helps control the effects of ultrasonic build-up in wide bandwidth processing chains, i.e. whenever chains of nonlinear processors run at sample rates beyond 44.1/48kHz. A linear phase filter with a continuously variable slope, a mix control, and dynamic Ultrasonic Gate options allow to transparently block inaudible content and thereby achieve a lower total distortion in the audible spectrum, at the end of the chain.

TDR Arbiter is a remarkably flexible frequency-selective spectral balancer. What makes it special is the relative nature of the process: The effect is independent of the input signal level, making it an optimal choice for de-essing, plosive control, or overall manipulation of the frequency balance, all without affecting the original signal dynamics structure.

TDR Prism

TDR Prism is a modern frequency analyzer with a focus on human audio perception. Easy to use and configurable, this audio plugin gives precise insight into the spectral properties of a signal. Among its flexible audio sourcing, decoding and visual configuration possibilities, Prism features a wide range of spectral weighting/tilting methods, peak/RMS smoothing options, including human auditory filters and real-time indication of auditory masking.

Prism is able to visualize and compare spectra from various sources, be it audio files, regular and sidechain inputs, or even other Prism instances in the project.

A freely resizable user interface with fullscreen support offers comfortable insight into the audio spectrum. Screen magnification, automatic marker lines and tone generator options further help inspect audio signals with ease.

Features include:

  • Human auditory model incl. auditory masking
  • Wide range of tilting and weighting options
  • Supports sidechain inputs, external files, and links to other plugin instances
  • Visually appealing, high precision plotting
  • Freely resizable hardware accelerated user interface, incl. fullscreen support

The TDR Special Filters and TDR Prism are available to PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

For more information on the TDR Special Filters Series and to download TDR Prism, click here:

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