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A New iOS Raffle Under Way.

There’s a new iOS raffle under way in our Facebook community.

iMusicAlbum are offering one Beat Community Facebook group member an opportunity to win a copy of their super cool AltiSpace 2 app for iOS.

AltiSpace is a convolution reverb app with advanced controls that provides realistic sounding natural acoustic space or vintage reverb devices for any track or mix.

A convolution reverb takes a captured sample (called an impulse response) from a real-world space or real hardware and uses this to digitally simulate the reverberation of that space or device down to the last detail and nuance. Because it is sampled, not synthesized, convolution reverb is known for its stunning realism, and it is widely considered to be the best type of reverb. However, unlike the more common algorithmic reverbs, convolution reverbs usually does not have much control over the reverberation process.

But AltiSpace, in addition to the ability to load your own impulse response files and a built-in library of the most interesting vintage reverb device presets, has advanced settings such as EQ, gate, ducking, modulation and more. You can change the original impulse response parameters to something completely new and then save it as a new preset…………….

More information about AltiSpace 2 and a details on how to enter the raffle can be found here:

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