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RetroVOLT By Beatskillz Reduced By 50% For A Limited Time.

Plugin Boutique have reduced RetroVOLT by 50% for a limited time.

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More on RetroVOLT.

This plugin contains over 500 factory presets made with a 2 Oscillator (Sample Map) architecture and a full synth engine with various filters, envelopes, LFOs and also a full-blown 10 slot multi-effects system. An arpeggiator is also provided to further modulate the sounds in step sequences.

Beatskillz meticulously multi-sampled (multi-velocity and multi key-zone) their synth collection, comprising of synths by Roland, sequential circuits, Oberheim, Yamaha, Waldorf and others. Beatskillz then ran these synths through various pre-amps and sometimes compressors for a rich tone. These oscillators are not computer-generated “static” waveforms, but deep-sampled and dynamic sounds captured from real synths!

The Factory Preset Banks consist of Bank A – Aggressive and Thick “cutting” sounds, which can fill up the entire bandwidth, Bank B consists of more subtle yet “rich” presets to get your inspiration going & Bank C consists of simple pure sample map based sound, so the users can (if they wish) use these as a starting point to develop their own sounds and use the synth architecture for sound designing. There is also an automatic preset generator in this synth. Just press the “Dice” icon near the top menu of the plugin, and “voila!” Unlimited new presets will be generated.

Retrovolt contains brand new sounds not repeated from anywhere else before. Hopefully, these will freshly inspire you to make great music whatever the genre.


  • Powerful synth engine using Multi Samples – Multi-Zone & Multi-Velocity.
  • Filter types including the famous “ladder“ filter.
  • Amp and Filter Envelopes, Velocity curve editing, lfos and more.
  • Full Arpeggiator/ Sequencer with user patterns saving.
  • Effects section with 10 simultaneous effects including Convolution Reverb.
  • 500+ Factory Presets included, users can also save their own presets.
  • Auto Preset Generator for unlimited combination of sample maps and parameters.
  • Midi Controller Assignment for all parameters. Simple “right-click” & assign.

Global Parameters

  • Bend Range: Here you can set the pitch bend range both up and down using a single knob control. The range permitted is: +/-Semitones.
  • Vol: Adjust the final output volume levels going out of the Retrovolt synth. Trim or increase the overall output by -inf to +12dB.
  • Mono/Poly: Turn the entire synth into a monophonic instrument or a polyphonic one with this switch.
  • Reset: Reset all parameters of this synth to their default values. This is great when you want to develop your own patches from scratch.
  • Page Navigation (Main/Arp/Fx): Select the page you want to edit, the main page, the arpeggiator page or the effects processing page.
  • Sample Map Key Range Controls: Select the playable range of sample maps A & B with overlaps, the colours of the keys show their discrete upper and lower ranges as well as overlapping keys.

More information about RetroVOLT, click here:

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