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SonaMetro Have Released Guitar Notebook For iOS.

SonaMetro have released Guitar Notebook, an iPad and iPhone app that enabling guitarists to capture their song ideas, document their DAW tracks, and review all their songs for practice and rehearsal.

With the ability to quickly add notes to a virtual fretboard, Guitar Notebook captures the essential information: chords, scales, licks, patterns, or progressions. No need to worry about note duration or rhythm – guitarists can just record a scratch audio track to capture feel and tempo.

With audio, simple notation, lyrics, and guitar setup notes, guitarists no longer have to rely on memory, paper notebooks, or scattered digital files. Everything is kept in one cloud notebook and synchronizes between your iOS devices.

Guitar Notebook is designed to solve a long-time problem for guitarists and DAW musicians so they never lose a song, making songwriting, production, and practice more efficient.

DAW users will appreciate the ability to keep all their notation accessible in one place, without having to open up every project to review their songs.

When it’s time for practice, the track view shows all the chords or patterns in that track.

There is a free version and Pro version of Guitar Notebook for $19.99 per year. The Pro version expands the number of styles, tracks, fretboards, and recording time.

Guitarists can also use the app for keeping their scales together for practicing in different keys, adding their favorite cover songs, or even sharing their progressions on YouTube.

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