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sonicLAB Have Released VOLBot For Desktop Users – Coming Soon To iOS.

sonicLAB have released VOLBotM, a MIDI modulator equivalent to their 2019 VOLBot plugin which is available at an intro price. It’ll be available to iOS users in 2022.

sonicLAB has introduced the unique stochastic audio modulator VOLBot in 2019. And now comes its midi modulator equivalent. 

Compositional practice is about constructing and organizing multiple layers of sonic material at first step. In production, we use DAWs to preset this material on separate tracks with either synthesised sounds in real time, or recorded material as sound files or live audio input.

This simultaneous overlapping of sonic material creates the sonic emergence which is a unique aspect of the composer.

The control of each track instrumente/synth on a DAW has been offered with sliders to manipulate on real time and scoring possibilities with the relevant automation data for each track on the time line.

There are no practical solutions or an engine to creatively manipulate these synth sound sources / DAW instruments on multiple tracks at once with a common gesture in real time.

The VOLBotM is exactly filling this gap. And it is does this with a very rich generative engine to assist the composer.

VOLBotM is a super LFO ( Low frequency Oscillator ) which generates up to 4 iterated versions of it at once as modulator signals to be mapped to selected Midi CC destinations addressing your synth instruments.

For more information on VOLBotM, click here:

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