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Image Line Announce FL Studio 20.9 Update

Image Line have announced the release of FL Studio 20.9.


Instruments, Effects & Tools

  • Pitch Shifter Effect (New) – Advanced real-time pitch shifting & manipulation effect.
  • Vintage Chorus Effect (New) – ‘Juno 6’ style modelled Chorus effect.
  • Sampler Channel & Audio Clips Instrument (New) – ‘Stretch Pro’ mode with real time Formant control. 
  • SoundFont Player 64 Bit (Revived) – It’s back! … and better than ever with improved audio quality, 64 Bit native and now works on macOS plus Apple silicon native support. 
  • NewTone Editor (Updated) – New Shift Markers for more creative warping effects.
  • Patcher Tool (Updated) – Improved navigation with mini-map and grid for accurate placement of controls.
  • FLEX (updated) – New dump-to-score feature for presets with included Piano roll scores. 

Core Features 

  • Apple Silicon Support enhanced –  Intel VST and AU plugins can be used while running in native Apple Silicon native mode via a process-bridge. 
  • Reengineered Audio Recording – With new input modes, monitoring options and Playlist track controls. All designed to make audio recording more hassle free. 
  • Advanced Automation Clip Editor – With multi-point editing, target highlighting and link management. 
  • Record audio for days – FL Studio now supports 64 Bit sample lengths for ultra long recording times and massive audio edits. Which will run out first; your battery, disk space or your patience?
  • MIDI Scripting – Over 25 new features and functions supporting deeper integration with FL Studio and your MIDI Controller/s.


  • Playlist Multi-track Selection – New selectors allow multiple track selection. If it can be done on a single track, it can now be done on all selected tracks. Including loading multiple Instruments and Effects in one step.
  • Playlist Track Cloning – Choose Patterns, Audio Clips, Automation, Effects (in linked Mixer tracks) and Grouped Playlist Tracks to clone along with the Track.
  • Improved Event to Automation Clip conversion – Advanced algorithm allowing conversion of edited and recorded MIDI CC data to Automation Clips with the fewest control points.  
  • Improved Undo – Almost all actions are now undoable. Inc. Deleting Instrument Channels. You did it, you can now undo it. Less DOH! More go.
  • Merge Clips – Now works on all Clip Types. Audio, Automation and Pattern. Including multiple type-selection.
  • Typing to Piano keyboard – Be more creative with your Typing Keyboard. There’s  more octaves, root-note selection and new key signatures. +Create easy Chord Progressions on the number-keys.
  • Context Aware Values – 22 more plugins and Automation Clips support entry of parameters in Hz, dB, Cents etc.
  • Improved News Panel – Now with graphics rich content so you don’t even have to leave FL Studio to keep updated with what’s new.

For more information on the update, click here:

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