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A Couple of Anthony Saunders Apps Are On Offer

Anthony Saunders has reduced the price of a couple of his apps for a limited time.

Photon AU (from $5.99 to $3.99)

Photon AU is a Midi Recorder with Pad playback & Groove

NOTE: You need a suitable host to run this AUv3 midi app (eg AUM, Audiobus, apeMatrix, Cubasis etc). The standalone version is for the manual & file import.

Record your midi performances (from a keyboard, sequencer or arpeggiator) using this audio unit in your DAW then save/export them as standard midi files via email or directly to other apps.

Load midi files using Airdrop (uses the standalone version) & select your track to import in the AU version.

Up to six pads can be loaded with midi file data & played back with variations in transposition, loudness, tempo, parts defined as start/duration

You can also load a midi file as a Groove file to allow it to replace midi timing or velocity in your recorded/loaded midi file thereby conforming your buffer midi to the groove pattern (eg trancegate effects)

AU MIDI Echo (from $2.99 to $1.99)

Note : AUv3 midi apps need a compatible host (AUM,Audiobus 3, Cubasis, BM3 etc).

Most controls automated as AU Parameters (quick record, pad controls, pad playback etc)

So what is a midi echo? It is similar to the audio echo effect where copies of the original audio are repeated at regular time intervals but with some form of change (e.g. quieter). But unlike audio, midi is digital in nature (low resolution 8 bit mostly) and focused around the midi note on & off message used to control synths etc.

This app acts on midi note-on independently from the note-off but when the note – off appears it echoes the release of the note-on in the same way the note-on was echoed (pitch interval etc) even if the UI controls have changed.

  • Select the type of echo (fixed, ping pong, taper)
  • Vary the number of echoes (from 0 to 20)
  • Make echoes quieter by reducing the midi velocity
  • Define the pitch interval (semitone) of all successive echoes
  • Select the delay time between echoes either tempo sync or in mSec
  • Define the delay type (fixed, tempo, random 50, random 20)
  • Set the midi channel of echoes (1-16) so that other synths can select the echo only
  • Disable individual echoes – to allow you to play chords with a small or 0 delay
  • Set Midi thru to keep/remove the original note messages
  • Panic button to quickly turn off all notes
  • Setup control automation as all controls are AU Parameters

For more information on both apps, click here:

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