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Woodpressor Updated on MacOS Adding Full Imersive Soundtrack Support

WIMSS has updated the macOS version of Woodpressor to fully support the new Logic Pro immersive sound track formats 7.1.4 (Auro 11.1), 5.1.4 (Auro 9.1), Atmos 7.1.2 and Atmos 5.1.2.

The features of the update include:

Improved immersive sound support (Weights panel) :

  • Channel names are now displayed.
  • Added Input Format selection (7.1 or 5.1.2 ; 5.1.4 or 7.1.2)
  • Added 4-led VU meter for each channel
  • Holding Shift Key when dragging a slider updates all channel weights
  • Max number of channels on VST is now 14 (Auro 13.1)

Woodpressor is a high-end audio compressor. Although the standalone app can be used as such, it is mainly intended as the license for the AAX, AU and VST plugins which can then be used by any DAW on all your Macs (as long as the standalone app is downloaded from the Mac App Store on that Mac).

Woodpressor has all the classic compressor controls like “Threshold”, “Attack”, “Release”, “Ratio”, etc but also has some extra features not commonly found on other compressors :

  • True Auto gain to compare the compression effect only (and not have the “Louder sounds better” effect)
  • Adaptive Threshold (allows to still have compression in the more quiet parts of a very high dynamic vocal)
  • Tube saturation (Class A and Class AB controls) and a more crude distortion.
  • Non-linear Release
  • Side chain filter (bandpass, highpass, lowpass or notch)
  • Makeup Gain Limiter
  • Brick-wall Limiter
  • Works on any number of channels (Surround Sound , 3D audio, …) with an individual weight per channel.

Apart from the DAW foreseen presets, Woodpressor can save/load it’s own user presets which are written to iCloud Drive (when enabled).This makes them automatically available (and synced, and backed-up) on all MacOS or iOS devices (to all host apps or DAW’s) running Woodpressor.

The AAX, AU and VST plugins can be downloaded from my website and are fully functional but will output 2s of silence every 60s as long as the Woodpressor Mac app is not installed.

For more information on Woodpressor, click here: 

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