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Branches 2 – Coming Soon!!

Willow & Oak will soon be releasing a follow-up to Branches, a semi-modular synth for iPad users. Version 2 will be a FREE upgrade for those who have purchased version 1. The price for purchasing version 2 hasn’t been confirmed.

Branches is a semi-modular synthesizer inspired by classics of the past. It runs both as a standalone instrument with support for external MIDI input or as an AUv3 plugin in your favorite DAW.

Version 2 features:

  • A refreshed interface that looks better and fits better on a variety of screen sizes
  • Easier interaction for disconnecting specific cables (tap jack, then tap trash can icon on each specific cable)
  • A simple built-in clock is available for use when running in standalone mode
  • Two function generators with CV control
  • Delay has been integrated in the audio unit & CV control as been added – send some modulation and prepare for crazy
  • Reverb has been integrated into the audio unit & CV control as been added
  • Clock is now received as 16th notes, but can easly be divided back to 4ths with the trigger divider
  • More divisions available in the trigger divider for better rythmic control
  • CV Sequencer now sends a trigger on each step
  • Better handling of “self patching” and input edge cases
  • Multiple general tweaks and bug fixes

For more information on version 1, click here:

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