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LoFi Multi-FX Cassette Tape FX Now Only $10!!

ADSR have reduced the price of Tape by Thenatan by 87% for a limited time, now only $10.00, (usually $79.50). The offer ends August 31st.

Tape is a carefully crafted vintage, lo-fi multi-fx plugin with an eye catching interface. Bring instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound. Buy now and receive Clone completely FREE! That’s TWO $79.50 plugins for just $20!!

Take any beat, sound, or project, and instantly inject beautiful nostalgic flavor and endless vibes, from subtle analog fatness to Glitchy pitch flutters. Lush, fat, and crunchy, all your lo-fi needs within seconds.

Plug TAPE in the Master / Audio or Midi tracks, and bring instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound.
Browse through the built-in presets and choose the one you like, and Start tweaking anything to achieve That that crunchy, noisy, imperfect sound!

TAPE combines 7 different effect units, including:

  • Noise: 9Textures + HP/LP Controls. Import your Textures, simply via drag-n-drop.
  • Space: an Algorithmic Crystal clear, Lush, and Bright Reverb + HP/LP Controls.
  • Echo: a Tempo Synced Delay + HP/LP Controls.
  • Glitch: The most Creative Part of The TAPE, Glitch Lets you do Robotic Time stretching, and Repeating The Audio Signals. No word can explain How Cool It is.
  • Drive: Add warmth to your mixes, or even full-blown distortion.
  • 8-Bit: From 1 single bit up to 64 bits per sample, Go Digitalized With 8-Bit.
  • Drops: Emulate a virtual tape getting stuck randomly and catching up again.

Combining these options allows you to recreate any Lofi characteristic you could think of.

Features include:

  • 6 Different cassette types, Each one delivering different Sonic Characteristics.
  • Real-life cassette hiss or low-fidelity hardware.
  • Built-in Effects ( Noise Player – Reverb – Delay – Glitch Machine – Bit Crusher – Saturation – Stereo Widener – Dropouts).
  • Mix, Input, Output Controls.
  • Can be used for Video Audio Post Productions as well as Music Productions & Mixing Purposes.
  • Amazing, user-friendly Vector GUI (No PNG At All, all Codes).
  • Animations, And in/out VU Meters
  • Resizable UI ( up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth )
  • Preset Browser system. ( 70 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )
  • Mac & PC All Updates Compatible.
  • And More…

Tape is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information, click here:

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