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Tone Projects Release Basslane Pro + Update To Free Version

Tone Projects have released Basslane Pro, whatbis now the big brother to the FREE version. Basslane Pro is available at the intro price of $99.00, increasing to $129.00 after the promotion. The offer ends December 1st.

Basslane Pro is the definitive tool for controlling low-end stereo width and crafting impactful bass that translates across formats and playback systems.

Basslane Pro combines transparent manipulation of stereo width with novel solutions to preserve musical content that would otherwise be lost when summed to mono. With uses far beyond mono’ing, Basslane Pro offers refined ways to enhance width, punch, and low-end richness.

The unique Stereo Harmonics feature allows you to inject upper bass harmonics to add definition and controlled low-end width without problematic stereo information in the subs. The easy-to-use multiband dynamics, powered by our acclaimed Unisum compressor, makes it effortless to tame unruly transients or enhance low-end punch and tightness.

Basslane Pro highlights

  • Get deep and wide bass that translates on small speakers, vinyl, and club systems
  • Fix phase and stereo issues in the low-end without compromising the stereo image
  • Recover anti-phase bass that would otherwise be lost when summed to mono
  • Add dimension and distinct spatial coloration with the unique Stereo Harmonics
  • Add tight controlled bass boosts with the analog-inspired resonant highpass filter and low-end focussed peak limiter
  • Harness Unisum-powered multiband dynamics for adaptive width control and beautiful low-end punch

Features include:

  • Variable width manipulation of low- or bandpassed frequency areas
  • Transparent linear phase or zero latency mode
  • Mono Recovery feature to dynamically recover anti-phase signals that would otherwise be lost when summed to mono
  • Adjustable curve-matched gain for filtered frequency range
  • Unique Stereo Harmonics for adding upper bass harmonics based on the affected low-end with full control over stereo width
  • 3 different harmonic algorithms with control over mid/side mix, damping, and dynamics
  • Dynamic width compression or expansion with a Unisum-powered multiband dynamics processor tailored for transient sensitive control of the side channel
  • Unisum-powered dynamic EQ capable of either compression or expansion for gorgeous low-end punch and density
  • Flexible Pre/Post filtering of sub frequencies, including an analog inspired resonant highpass filter for a tight bass boost
  • Bass focussed output limiter to keep peaks in range
  • 5 band stereo balance and correlation metering with adjustable crossover frequencies
  • Flexible monitoring of delta, mid, side, and filter solo of both dry and wet signals
  • A/B preset switching
  • Integrated reference level system to automatically adjust input level to match loaded presets
  • Presets by experienced artists and engineers
  • Native support for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors

Basslane Pro is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

The FREE version has been updated to the add support for Mac and PC users and includes a new user interface and with new features.

For more information on Basslane, click here:

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