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NovoNotes Release MonoLow Low-band Phase Alignment Tool

NovoNotes have released MonoLow, a low-band phase alignment plugin, available at the offered at the Black Friday intro price of $88.00, increasing to $98.00 after the promotion.

Low frequencies obscured by reverb, kicks leaking into multiple microphones, and modulation effects applied to the bass: MonoLow solves these phase problems and dramatically improves the overall clarity of the mix by making only the low frequencies mono.

The Intensity parameter allows you to set the intensity of the monauralization, so you can control how much of a stereo feel you want to retain.With MonoLow, you can improve the low band clarity with less change than with an EQ or a compressor.

Tight kick. Solid bass. Low-end that doesn’t break down even when played at high volumes in clubs and theaters. If you want both bass presence and transparency in the overall mix, MonoLow is the answer.

Bass phase issues can be troublesome at the best of times, especially in mixes with multiple speakers.

But not with MonoLow. With MonoLow, you can instantly compensate for this, just as you would in a stereo mix. You can also designate any channel as an LFE and bypass it, allowing you to control the LFE independently from other channels.

MonoLow is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on MonoLow, click here:

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