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VSTBuzz Offer 70% Off ZeroBox By Xhun Audio

VSTBuzz are offering 70% off ZeroBox by Xhun Audio for a limited time, now only €29.00, (usually €99.00).

ZeroBox is an accurate analogue modeling simulation of a legendary, iconic, sequencer driven bassline synthesizer that defined an era.

In addition to a meticulous replica of both the signal path and the physics of each of the electronic components found inside the original device (oscillator, filters, envelopes, etc.), an extended set of features, improvements and circuit-bents have been added, bringing the whole synthesis engine a step ahead.

Last but not least, a redesigned sequencer front-end and the inclusion of a full set of modulation, analogue saturation and multi-type distortion effects units make ZeroBox an expressive, powerful, self-contained tool for use in any electronic music scenario.

ZeroBox can be used in conjunction with its embedded sequencer as well as with external sequencers, or as a single-oscillator monophonic solo synthesizer with a very bold sound and an incredibly deep low-end.

Features include:

  • Physical modeling simulation of real analogue hardware
  • An all-in-one complete setup: monophonic analogue bassline synthesizer + embedded analogue sequencer + analogue and digital insert/master effects
  • An aliasing-free analogue modeled oscillator
  • A separate control for the oscillator waveshaping
  • A legendary 4-pole resonant, analogue low pass diode ladder filter
  • Two analogue envelope generators (MEG / VEG)
  • Analogue components age selector. Choose the virtual age of the components used inside ZeroBox and, as a consequence, its resulting overall instability
  • An extended operative range (compared to the original) for several knobs and internal components
  • Built-in circuit-bents as found in different hardware clones and also never seen before, experimental ones (while 100% preserving all the original functions)
  • An exclusive low-frequency-oscillator (LFO) with frequency (from 0.05 Hz up to 20 Hz)
  • Adjustable highpass filter cutoff frequency
  • Adjustable filter envelope (MEG) minimum decay time
  • Adjustable slide time control
  • A VCA envelope (VEG) smoother control
  • Polarity inverter control, useful to achieve different sound flavours when using an asymmetric (biased) distortion unit
  • Three ways of control, for both studio and / or live scenarios
  • A multi-mode (PTC / KTG) embedded digitally controlled clock generator and sequencer
  • A multi-scene loader engine with 8 scenes per preset
  • Included insert effect slot / Included master effect slot
  • Including 130+ ready-to-use factory presets collection covering multi-genre styles
  • Multi-color synth panel (silver grey or acid yellow)
  • MIDI automation
  • Support for sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • Available in multi-size GUI resolutions
  • Xhun Audio products are natively compatible with any Intel-based Mac, but can also run on an ARM-based Mac using Rosetta 2.

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