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A Tasty Update To Mela 3

Mela 3, the MacOS and iOS synth by Nikolozi Meladze just got a whole heap cooler with the version 3.6 update.

What’s new:


  • Added 4 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs to Mela MIDI.
  • These are virtual MIDI cables that a host can use to send and receive MIDI from the Mela MIDI plug-in.
  • Note that not all hosts support multiple I/O cables.
  • Use AUM on iOS to fully take advantage of this feature.

Multi-lane Support:

  • Mela MIDI can now have up to 4 lanes of modules. Tap on the Add Lane button to add more lanes.
  • Modules can be dragged and dropped from one lane to another.
  • A lane will delete itself once all of its modules are removed.
  • You can configure MIDI Input and output cables for each lane independently.
  • In hosts that don’t support multiple I/O MIDI cables simply set all lanes to Input 1 and Output 1.

Note Length Module:

  • Added the Note Length module to Mela MIDI.
  • The module controls the length of incoming notes. It can also be used to trigger notes from note-off events.
  • The note length can be set using the Sync and Offset parameters.

Other Changes:

  • Simplified UI by removing the last module delete button. A module’s delete functionality can be accessed via its actions menu (ellipsis icon).
  • Changed the icon of the add module button to a simpler plus symbol.
  • Renamed Random’s Offset parameter to Bias. This is to prevent possible confusion with the other parameters with similar names.
  • Added new presets showcasing new features.
  • Updated the User Guide.

About Mela 3

Mela is an intuitive virtual analog synthesiser and multi-effects processor with a streamlined interface. It can be loaded either as an instrument, audio effect or a MIDI processor plug-in inside a host application such as AUM, BeatMaker, Cubasis, GarageBand, Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

If you begin working on a track in GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, and later open the project in Logic Pro on your Mac, then all instances of Mela, Mela FX and Mela MIDI plug-ins will load just as you left them on your iOS device.

Mela – Synthesiser Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)

  • 4 great-sounding oscillators
  • 2 virtual analog style filters
  • 3 envelopes with adjustable level, time and curve parameters
  • Envelope modes: sustain, trigger and loop
  • 3 tempo syncable LFOs
  • Effects: distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, delay and compressor
  • Fully featured modulation matrix
  • Flexible signal routing options
  • Voice modes: monophonic, polyphonic, legato and glide
  • Built-in virtual musical keyboard

Mela FX – Multi-FX Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)

  • Input section with pan and level controls
  • 2 virtual analog style filters
  • Effects: distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, delay and compressor
  • 3 tempo syncable LFOs
  • Envelope follower with peak and RMS modes
  • Follower can be driven by the audio unit’s normal input or side chain
  • Fully featured modulation matrix
  • Flexible signal routing options
  • Global dry/wet mix and bypass controls

Mela MIDI – MIDI Processor Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)

  • The Mela MIDI plug-in comes with many MIDI processor modules
  • These modules can be arranged in any order on up to 4 lanes
  • Each lane can receive and send MIDI to the host via different virtual MIDI cables
  • The modules can be combined in creative ways to create interesting MIDI processor chains
  • The Random module can modulate any Mela MIDI parameter
  • Modules: Arpeggiator, Chord, Control Change, Logger, Note Echo, Note Length, Pitch Range, Pitch, Random, Scale and Velocity


  • Standard selection of saw, sine, square and triangle waveforms
  • Ability to morph between the waveforms or distort them using the shape parameter
  • Modern phase distortion algorithm with an additional harmonics parameter
  • Harmonics adjusts the richness of the generated waveform and modulating it sounds similar to filter sweeps
  • Great sounding noise oscillator, which sounds warmer than pure white noise
  • Other features: transposition, tuning, pan and level


  • Selection of great sounding self-oscillating resonant filters
  • Ability to morph between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass

Modulation Matrix

  • Both Mela and Mela FX come with a fully featured modulation matrix
  • Most parameters of the audio units can be modulated
  • Modulation sources: envelope generators, envelope follower and LFOs
  • MIDI sources: velocity, key, mod wheel, aftertouch and pitch bend
  • The matrix supports both positive and negative modulation intensities


  • Oscillators can be routed to filters in 5 different ways
  • FX section can be inserted before filter 1, after it or after both filters

Plug-in Features

  • Customisable Perform View that gives you access to the parameters that you care about most
  • Highly flexible layout, makes the best use of the space provided by the host’s window
  • Preset management with import/export features

Mela App

  • The Mela synth can be used by simply launching the app
  • Supports all orientations on both iPhone and iPad, including split-screen on iPad
  • It can respond to MIDI input from external sources
  • Supports background audio

For more information on Mela 3, click here:

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