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10 Tips For Making Awesome Trap in 2023

Good Music Production, regardless of genre, takes time and dedication. Learning and experimenting with your tools; Hardware, software, sounds, ears, processing effects, all of this takes time. There are, however, some things you can employ immediately that will make the process beneficially easier in the long run. Here are 10 Tips That Will Help you stand out from other music producers

The order doesn’t matter here, focus on what you lack, more importantly, what you can change or employ right now.

1. Start With A Rock Solid Foundation

When it comes to making Trap Music and Hip-hop, the drums and their groove are pretty much everything. They set the tone for the track, its character, and how the listener or artist will perceive the beat.

Study and practice programming drum patterns that you like and try to imitate them as best as possible; this is good learning.

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