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Wave Manuel Updated to Version 2 And Still FREE!!

Wave Manuel by Pauli Pölkki is a waveshaping synthesizer which has been updated and is still available as a FREE download. Despite being available for free, donations are welcomed.

Wave Manuel’s heart is the unique variable shape oscillator with three parameters: “symmetry”, “saturation” and “shaping”. It can generate classic analog style waveforms (triangle, saw, pulse) but also anything in between – and beyond!

Each oscillator parameter has a dedicated envelope and LFO for animating the shape. Envelope’s attack, decay and release have curve control for making things just right. LFOs can be used in stereo with 180 degree phase offset so let’s get SUPER WIDE!

The sound can be shaped further with filtering and frequency modulation.

PLEASE NOTE: Version 2.0 sounds different! Bounce your v1.x tracks before installing this version.

Wave Manuel is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on Wave Manuel, click here:Wave Manuel

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