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Q-Audio Releases X-Groove Techno Groove Generator

Q-Audio have released X-Groove, an AI groove generator, especially suited for Techno, Hard Techno, Tech-house and EDM music. X-Groove is available at the intro price of €65.00, increasing to €79.00 after the promotion.

X-Groove is a really handy machine capable to generate different kinds of usefull grooves and addons for your music. If You feel your track is missing ‘something’ just load X-Groove and find the solution.

It feature 2 groove channels where each one is capable to load a full folder of one shot wave samples into memory, we will refer to it as the ‘sound bank’.

One fx can be assigned to each groove channel , choosing from Drone, Echo, Ping and Driver effects. An additional reverb fx can be assigned to each channel too.

A multi-filter fx can be used on both channels or disabled.

It come with 10 factory sound banks including a total of 1681 quality samples covering various examples of what is possible to do with this machine.

The factory banks include:

  • Acid
  • Bass Stabs
  • Claps
  • Hard Percs
  • Knoks
  • Metallic
  • Percs
  • Percussions
  • Chord Stabs
  • Techno Perc

Thanks to the AI it generate a groove and a full MIDI keyboard is then fullfilled with lot of variations of that groove. The variations include both sound and sequence making it so easy to find the perfect groove that fits your song!

Features include:

  • Generate loops up to 32 steps
  • 10 Factory soundbanks with a total of 1681 quality samples
  • Effects rack including Robot, Echo, Ping, Driver, Filter and Reverb fxs
  • 4 Different types of AI or in alternative 10 Prefab fixed styles to drive the generator
  • 2 Groove channels with indipendent AI
  • Reference beat channel
  • Quantity knob to define how many elements you wants in the groove
  • Sidechain knob to define the amount of a kickdrum drived sidechain applyed to the groove
  • Swing
  • 32 Presets

X-Groove is currently available to PC (Windows) users.

For more information on X-Groove, click here:

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