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Eplex7 DSP Release Neurolab ATX-47

Eplex7 have released the Neurolab ATX-47, an instrument developed especially for Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Dubstep, Techstep and Hardcore producers. Neurolab ATX-47 is available at the intro price of €19.90 (for the first 50 customers), increasing to €45.00 after the promotion.

This plugin instrument includes more than 110 multi-octave instrument banks in various layers / wide range octaves. The sounds were designed for modern futuristic Drum & Bass / Neurofunk. Included are various sci-fi modulated basslines, technomechanic basslines, speaking wobblers, leads, reesers, FX hybrid resampled organic sounding basslines, Bass hits / Wubs, Modulated subbass, Atmospheric pseudopads / soundscapes and much more.

During the development a wide range of digital, DSP hardware synthesizers and effects including our own unreleased synthesizer prototypes were used for an unique advanced sound.

Eplex7 used advanced resampling and reprocessing techniques, including image resampling, futuristic granulizing, to create post-apocalyptic new types of sounds / bass. Eplex7 also used neuronal network synthesizers such as Hartmann Neuron / AI synthesizers.

Features include:

  • Huge library of 115 multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, fx, soundcapes, waveforms and synthesizers
  • Low pass / High Pass filter with cutoff
  • High quality sound engine, disk streaming technology (saving RAM memory and very low CPU consumption)
  • LFO with rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation
  • Fast preset / sounds browser with menu / arrows
  • Reverb / Space
  • Glide function (Legato mode), Mono mode and Polyphonic mode
  • Pan knob
  • Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • Velocity mode selector

For more information on the Neurolab ATX-47, click here:

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