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Impact Soundworks Release Shreddage 3 Telos

Impact Soundworks have released Shreddage 3 Telos, a virtual Telecaster for it’s Shredded range of instruments, available for $159.00.

The Tele has been a long-requested addition to our Shreddage lineup, and now we’re thrilled to bring you Shreddage 3 Telos. With its huge diversity of sound, it’s no accident that the Telecaster has been a workhorse in so many genres. If you’re new to Shreddage or to virtual guitars, Telos is a great choice to start with.

To do justice to this legendary instrument, we drew on expertise developed over a decade of creating Shreddage guitars. We got Juan Medrano, whose virtuosity and expert performances on our Jupiter, Abyss, and Shreddage 1 guitars have made him a fan favorite, back in the booth. We recorded both the neck and the bridge pickups of this American Performance Telecaster simultaneously to give you maximum flexibility in tone.

The greats turned to this guitar again and again, and in creating Telos, we spared no effort to capture the sound and the performance of the original. Telos was sampled exhaustively, includes loads of articulations, and, via its Shreddage 3.5 engine, is engineered to bring you the most realistic possible guitar performance with ease and efficiency. Find the tone you’re seeking in one of our 39 presets, or build your own tone using the 35 effects in the Console page.

Though it has some similarity to a Strat, the Tele has a more full-bodied tone. We wanted a guitar that would be practically indistinguishable from the original, so we sampled it exhaustively to give Shreddage 3 Telos the full breadth of the Telecaster’s legendary sound, along with plenty of round robins. The beautifully smooth, warm tone of the neck pickup is perfect for jazz, blues, R&B, country and any style that calls for a mellow tone; the bridge pickup’s aggressive sound will be right at home in rock, hard rock, punk, and yes, even metal. Use the controls on the Console page to seamlessly blend between the two pickups to get exactly the sound you need. Or choose one of dozens of presets that cover everything from howling 80s leads to gritty rock to ambient new age. The multi-tracking feature allows you to double, triple, or quadruple-track the guitar.

If you’re looking to build a custom tone from the ground up, the Console section gives you everything you need. Create your own signal chain for each of the pickups and the master channel with over 35 effects, including dynamics, EQs, pedals, reverbs, phasing effects, and others. Alternately, use a separate amp sim such as our Shreddage Amp XTC.

Our array of articulations have you covered for a full, realistic performance and include sustains; mutes; staccatos; power chord sustains, mutes, and staccatos; natural, artificial, and pinch harmonics; chokes; tremolos; tapping; rakes; and FX. Articulations are easy to adjust and remap with the TACT 3.0 articulation system, and NKS is supported 

Features include:

  • Over 24,000 pristine 24-bit samples
  • 6 string electric guitar
  • All crucial articulations
  • Realistic performances through meticulous sampling
  • 41 production-ready tone snapshots
  • Next-generation virtual guitar engine
  • Beautiful wide UI
  • Poly input feature for realistic chords
  • Total articulation control technology
  • Console FX rack and mixer

Shreddage 3 Telos requires a free or full version of Kontakt 6.7 or later.

For more information on Shreddage 3 Telos, click here: 

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