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Aurora DSP Release Rotten Pool Verb

Aurora DSP have released Rotten Pool Verb, a pluhin developed with Kristian Kohle of Kohle Audio Kult. Rotten Pool Verb is available at the intro price of $19.99.

The most beautiful yet disturbingly dirty sounding reverb ever! Time to get filthy! When Producer Kristian Kohle found this huge abandoned swimming pool he just had to capture it’s unique sound! This pool had been rotting for years already when Kristian entered this lost place armed with his favorite microphones to capture the highly complex, natural reverb of this creepy place.

The Rotten Pool Verb combines two reverb sections with a filter and a tasty distortion. You can blend the highly diffuse verb of the big pool with a shorter slap verb from the pool’s locker rooms.You can create beautiful, lush spaces with the big verb, you can fatten your drums with the locker room or create the most dirty and scary distorted ambience with one click! But more importantly:The Rotten Pool Verb is fun and will add some new sounds to your reverb arsenal..

Features include:

  • 6 different ultra-long reverbs (FAR/CLOSE + BRIGHT/MID/DARK)
  • variable PREDELAY
  • variable DECAY
  • Distortion mode ROT with two modes (A/B switch)
  • LEVEL knob adjusts the amount of processed signal
  • 2 short reverbs (RAW/SMOKED selects the IR, MEAT changes the amount/volume
  • 2 filters (LO CUT and HI CUT) with variable cutoff frequencies
  • PRE/POST switch for the filters to choose between using them before the reverbs, or after
  • MIX – choose how much disgustines is enough

Rotten Pool Verb is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Rotten Pool Verb, click here: 

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