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NovoNotes Release HPL Processor Ultimate

NovoNotes have released their HPL Processor Ultimate, the advanced version of the HPL2 Processor. The lite edition will be available at the intro price of $54.00, increasing to $68.00 after the promotion. The Ultimate version will be available for $240.00, increasing to $268.00. There will also be an upgrade from Lite to Upgrade offer. Anyone purchasing the HPL2 Processor prior to the release of the new plugin can use the Lite edition of the new HPL Processor with their existing HPL2 Processor license. Indications are the release will take place on August 5th.

Many music audio sources are originally designed to be enjoyed comfortably through speakers. When listening through headphones, the key question is how to reproduce the original intended sound without disturbing the mix balance of the sound source. 

The HPL Processor is a plugin that takes this issue seriously. It is not an effector that adds something to make you feel good, but a tool to faithfully and correctly reproduce the original high-quality sound even when using headphones.This plugin simulates ideal room acoustics and speaker positioning by processing stereo and surround sound sources with binaural technology. 

The binaural processing used in the HPL Processor is specialized for music purposes, unlike what is typically used in VR or gaming. This means that it is designed to preserve the original timbre as much as possible while minimizing phase issues to the greatest extent. The HPL Processor offers a new perspective on your mixing process.

The Ultimate edition supports binaural conversion of various surround formats, retaining the sound of the highly-praised binaural plug-in HPL2 Processor. While the traditional HPL2 Processor was limited to 2 channel inputs, the HPL Processor Ultimate can reproduce 42 speaker layouts, such as 5.1 channel and 7.1.4 channel, on headphones. Aiming to achieve precise positioning, minimal sound quality degradation, and elimination of phase issues, we meticulously adjusted and developed for each speaker layout. The result is the ultimate binaural processor, surpassing all our previous offerings.

The new HPL Processors will be available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

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