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RetroSampler & RetroSampler Pro Updated

Ternär Music Technology have updated RetroSampler & RetroSampler Pro with some new features. RetroSampler is available as a FREE download, RetroSampler Pro is available for €20.00.

What’s new in version 2.2:

  • Completely rewritten sampler core in C++ to optimize load times, CPU usage and file footprint
  • New genuine envelope generator: a linear envelope with additional segments to mimic exponential/logarithmic slopes
  • Additional envelope to modulate the filter frequency*
  • Polyphony with up to 8 voices*

*only applicable to RetroSampler Pro

RetroSampler is a lo-fi sample player inspired by hardware samplers of the 90s. It features adjustable sample and bit rate, clock jitter control, low pass filter with drive control and a integrated ADSR envelope. Lowering the sample rate will introduce the sought-after “ringing” effect found in older samplers which is not just a simple decimation effect: the resampling algorithm accurately follows the transposed pitch without interpolation.

RetroSampler requires Ableton Live 11 or later.

For more information on both versions, click here:

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