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There’s 70% Off Loop Engine 1.1 By W.A Production

Plugin Boutique are offering 70% off Loop Engine 1.1 by W.A Production for a limited time, now only £28.96 / $36.72, (usually £98.95 / $125.60). The offer ends September 30th.

What’s New in Version 1.1?

  • A very comprehensive preset manager to search, tag, organize, and save any type of presets (to open click on input field in the center of the general Loop Control panel) – Presets are backward-compatible from V1.0 Also included are two 2-voice factory presets for a super easy start with the software and the concept of multi-voice loops.
  • Tooltips: on/off by toggle (the question mark)
  • Help Button (the light bulb): links to your LE webpage with content such as setup videos, tutorial videos, text information, etc., which is being produced.
  • Automation capability for the following controls: OCTAVE (transpose entire loop by octave), KEY (change key for the entire loop), VOICE mute/unmute (for all 8 voices)
  • Chord segments can be split into up to 16 partitions for placements of single notes now (by user request on your website under “COMMENTS”)
  • Minor adjustments to the GUI, e.g. chord LENGTH control has been removed for simplicity and a few control elements have been shuffled around.

This revolutionary plugin unlocks a new standard for MIDI generation by drawing on the legacy of CHORDS plugins and pushing the boundaries even further. Say goodbye to the limitations of static chord shapes and divisible segments as Loop Engine takes riffs, arps and melodies to the next level with its dynamic tonal capabilities. This plugin allows you to generate MIDI loops outside the norm, with intuitive controls to shape the algorithms. Always inspiring and innovative, this powerful tool is designed to set your tracks alight and help kickstart the ideas behind new musical creations. 

Originally designed for EDM productions, but totally effective in all sorts of other genres, this loop workstation will manufacture note progressions with flair and ease, based on chord shapes and rules. Try out new ideas within the intuitive circular interface or click “create” to instruct the plugin to produce imaginative ideas. 

The W.A Production team have stacked the feature set of Loop Engine with new concepts to create a whole new way of working that massively expands the scope of what MIDI generation can be. Routing options for multi-track playback mean that integrating this plugin into a DAW project is easier than ever. Use your favourite virtual synths and instruments with Loop Engine seeding up to 8 different MIDI parts, sending them to an accompanying secondary plugin; Loop Engine Listener. Using these two tools, you can design complex multi-track loops that span multiple tracks of your DAW… or simply use the presets as a jumping-off point for some legendary loops. 

Features include:

  • Multi-track Chord & Arp MIDI effect
  • Connects to any DAW
  • Route up to 8 voices from a single Loop Engine
  • Loop Engine Listener plugin for routing voices to multiple tracks
  • 30 Chord types & tensions
  • Creative randomization
  • Intelligent harmonic progressions
  • Copy & paste
  • Global and per-segment controls
  • Note partition controls
  • Export MIDI
  • Factory presets for chords & sequences
  • Resizable interface
  • PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Loop Engine 1.1 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Loop Engine 1.1, click here: 

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