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Mixing Night Audio Release LOLCOMP

Mixing Night Audio have released LOLCOMP, 5 carefully curated, customized chains, available for $149.00.

LOLOCOMP is much more than just compression, it has a tone shaping LMAO section is included to lock in even better top-level sonic results fast and in a playful, intuitive way.

Designed by Mixing Night co-founders, Ken Lewis (114 Gold Records), and Dom Rivinius (Taylor Swift, Eminem), LOLCOMP offers 100 custom presets from their mix sessions straight to your DAW.  Scroll through them to hear the unexpected power & versatility of this compression and tone shaping box.

With the LOL Chain, you’ll dial in your vocals in no time. Don’t believe it? Try it! You’ll laugh at how fast and easy it is to achieve professional vocal mixing.

The Panda Chain is the perfect partner for everything low and bass-heavy. Let Panda roll your weak 808’s and low instruments into a dojo shaking foundation for your mix. 

The Kangaroo Chain is your choice for making anything punchier. Want more attack and sustain on your pluck synths? Kangaroo! Want more aggression in your rap vocals? Kangaroo! More impact on your snare? Kang…well, you get it.

The Peacock Chain’s gentle essence works as a natural beautifier. Spread Peacock’s plumage and color your sound proudly. Let this bird run wild on your mix and hear what happens…

This fire breather starts with smoke, but push it and the Dragon will unleash sonic destruction on your audio gems. From mild saturation to raging distortion, Dragon Chain delivers vibe!

LOLOCOMP is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on LOLCOMP, click here:

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